10 Best Indianapolis Bakeries

  • 1453 N Tremont St, Indianapolis • Near Westside
    Carol Mullins - The best donuts in the midwest.
    Brittany Menestrina - Always worth the wait! Amazing bakery but do note they are cash only!
    Kira Carney - These donuts are famous in Indiana. If you ever find yourself visiting this is a must visit place. Their donuts are very nicely priced and a little secret is waking up early morning and getting their early!!
  • 808 S Meridian St, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Liz Pearce - An Indianapolis institution. This place has it all, from bagels and desserts to all of the traditional sandwiches and plated entrees. Go hungry!
    Carol Mullins - Another one of Indianapolis's iconic places. Just south of Downtown, the cafeteria dining for breakfast and lunch offers variety and convenience. Good place to gather for meetings if you're Downtown.
    Molly Pearcy - Shapiro's is a must visit for anyone traveling to the Indianapolis area. Their Ruben sandwich is great but my favorite is their chicken salad!
  • 653 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Carol Mullins - Best Sourdough bread and pastries in the European tradition, right here in Indy south of DT.
    Kira Carney - My mom and I are obsessed with Amelia's. They are being super cautious during Covid-19 and are only allowing 2 customers in at a time. Their bread is always fresh and always amazing. They also sell cheeses, granola, sauces, and pastries! 10/10
    Jeff Mullins - Local, fresh baked breads, unique, sourdough breads.
    recommended by Joy Morgan
  • 6216 Allisonville Rd, Indianapolis
    Carol Mullins - Weddings, Birthdays or special occasions. I was surprised on my last Birthday with a Taylor's Carrot cake. It was so pretty. The pastries are wonderful too.
    Molly Pearcy - Taylor's Bakery is a family owned bakery that has been a staple of the Indy area for 108 years. They make incredible cakes, cupcakes, cookies, donuts, bread, dinner rolls and even popcorn. Taylor's can meet all your baked goods needs!
  • 809 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis • Broad Ripple
    morgan tucker - there has been many nights ive ordered from insomnia and its never disappointed. i mean whats been than great cookies delivered to your door?
  • 1300 E 86th St 16, Indianapolis • Nora
    Carol Mullins - They've been around for over 30 years for a reason. Great selection of flavors for that meeting and family gathering, sandwiches too.
  • 2001 W Washington St, Indianapolis • Near Westside
    recommended by Ashley Reyes
  • 80 Brendon Way, Zionsville
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  • 2324 W 86th St, Indianapolis • St Vincent-Greenbriar
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  • 7880 Michigan Rd, Indianapolis • Crooked Creek
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