Best Indianapolis Food & Drink Spots

  • 1453 N Tremont St, Indianapolis • Near Westside
    Carol Mullins - The best donuts in the midwest.
    Brittany Menestrina - Always worth the wait! Amazing bakery but do note they are cash only!
    Kira Carney - These donuts are famous in Indiana. If you ever find yourself visiting this is a must visit place. Their donuts are very nicely priced and a little secret is waking up early morning and getting their early!!
  • 808 S Meridian St, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Liz Pearce - An Indianapolis institution. This place has it all, from bagels and desserts to all of the traditional sandwiches and plated entrees. Go hungry!
    Carol Mullins - Another one of Indianapolis's iconic places. Just south of Downtown, the cafeteria dining for breakfast and lunch offers variety and convenience. Good place to gather for meetings if you're Downtown.
    Molly Pearcy - Shapiro's is a must visit for anyone traveling to the Indianapolis area. Their Ruben sandwich is great but my favorite is their chicken salad!
  • 3. Yats
    885 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Carol Mullins - My family likes New Orleans-style food and this is on the list for fast, reasonably-priced, quick, and good-tasting Cajun.
    Kira Carney - Best cajun food in Indiana! B&B was my go to order before becoming vegan, now my go to is the white bean chili! Their bread is vegan and delicious.
    Morgan Keith - The bread here is great. Perfect place for spicy Cajun
  • 653 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Carol Mullins - We've gone here for family gathering for the best cocktails and fresh, local food. If you have a large party, reserve the private dining room. Service is exceptional, we love to order multiple items and share.
    Molly Pearcy - One of the best places in Indy to eat! Named after the great author (and Indy native!) Kurt Vonnegut's novel "Bluebeard" it has a energetic atmosphere. Great cocktails, appetizers,and main dishes. Awesome spot for a date night or a friend's night!
    Kira Carney - Bluebeard has the best mojitos ever. The chef, Abbi Merriss, is a family friend and I'm so proud to be able to recommend this place to others. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is very hipster chic.
    recommended by Beth Brown, Glenn Howell
  • 135 N College Ave, Indianapolis
    Carol Mullins - Love the Cream Ale and just hanging out for concerts when the weather warms. Ready to get back downtown for summer night concerts and Sun King Cream Ale.
    Molly Pearcy - Sun King Brewery also has a great location in downtown Carmel that is right along the Monon Trail. It is located at the Midtown Plaza which is an awesome spot to grab a drink outdoors! Love trying Sun Kings seasonal brews!
    Glenn Howell - You can't live in Indy without visiting Sun King Brewery! You can get growlers to go to enjoy their brews at home!!
    recommended by Jake Mullins, morgan tucker
  • 55 Monument Circle, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Sara Latronica - Love Starbucks, especially Iced Coffees and Seasonal Drinks!
    Kara Dunn - My favorite is the mocha cookie crumble Frappuccino
    miah russell - I love the Pink Drink!!
  • 653 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis • Downtown
    Carol Mullins - Best Sourdough bread and pastries in the European tradition, right here in Indy south of DT.
    Kira Carney - My mom and I are obsessed with Amelia's. They are being super cautious during Covid-19 and are only allowing 2 customers in at a time. Their bread is always fresh and always amazing. They also sell cheeses, granola, sauces, and pastries! 10/10
    Jeff Mullins - Local, fresh baked breads, unique, sourdough breads.
    recommended by Joy Morgan

Food & Drink Spots Near Indianapolis