10 Best Littleton Restaurants

  • 1409 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton
    Victoria Grinde - This place is great! My mother-in-law lives right by the Littleton Cafe so we always like to go and meet her for a Saturday morning breakfast whenever we have the chace! Great food!! We have never had any issues with food or service here!
    Mandi Pacer - Looking for a cheap and hearty breakfast? This is your spot! The boyfriend and I would frequent here a few times a month when we lived in Old Littleton and could get out the door pleasantly full for under $25 to include tip. Their menu is similar to Sam's No. 5, but the prices are lower. My go to is a breakfast sandwich and oatmeal (I am boring, I know!).
  • 2575 W Main St, Littleton
    Kathi Lanoue - If you are looking for a fun night out with friends or a date night, this is the place to be. Tons of choices and the menu changes regularly.
    recommended by Debra Archer
  • 2690 E County Line Rd, Littleton
    Ana Fanakra - Play board games while you enjoy some dinner! Fun atmosphere and good food. Take home a board game you enjoy.
  • 5610 S Curtice St, Littleton
    Mandi Pacer - What a wonderful place for all walks of life to visit for a warm meal. I love their mission of pay what you are able to as a patron. They operate as a non profit and provide a place for the underserved community and homeless population of Colorado to have a sanctuary to go to and eat a hearty dish. I look forward to partnering with them and giving back in whatever way they need an extra hand to continue building such a welcoming community.
  • 5666 S Sycamore St, Littleton
    Victoria Grinde - Thou hath found your dive!

    If you’re looking for the finest downtown views and the latest mescal cocktail, why then you’ve come too far. However while you’re waiting for your ride to drive you back to bougie downtown Denver, I recommend having a pint and watching epic disaster unfold before your eyes. A fantastic late night pizza will tittilate your gustatory senses as you attempt to decipher the slurred words from your friendly but not highly functional barstool neighbor. Staff are quirky and friendly as the Jameson flows like South Platter River through old downtown Littleton CO
  • 109 Bear Creek Ave, Morrison
    Mandi Pacer - Going to a show at Red Rocks? Be sure to add Willy's Wings to your dinner before the show. This place is iconic and is always packed with locals. I go for the Honey BBQ wings and my boyfriend loves the XXX Hot. Not to be missed when going through Morrison.
  • 2420 Main St, Littleton
    Mandi Pacer - This adorable establishment in Downtown Littleton has become one of my favorite places to dine for hearty Mexican dishes turned into shareable appetizers. With each visit I've made it a point to try something new and have never been disappointed. From a salty or sweet margarita to a savory loaded nacho plate, this place is for anyone that loves Latin Cuisine.
  • 6885 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton
    recommended by Katherine Moskal
  • 5075 S Federal Blvd, Englewood
    recommended by Rachel Royer
  • 2409 W Main St, Littleton
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