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10 Best Seattle Architects

  • Tony Wright - Great sole operator, works well with general contractors.
    Gary Lundgren - John designs amazing homes. A great person to talk to when you are ready to build or remodel your home.
  • 3433 21st Ave S, Seattle • Beacon Hill
    Ben Shorr - Terry Mulholland is incredible. She's an architect and professional carpenter. Outstanding to work with.
    recommended by Piragash
  • 321 3rd Ave S 201, Seattle
    Brandon Madsen - Aimee and Jon, GoC's founders, are visionary yet down to earth. They adapt their distinctive style to the needs of clients, the demands of specific sites, and the surrounding environment. And they're solid, quality people to boot. Highly recommended!
  • 115 15th Ave E 100, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    recommended by Michael Mattmiller
  • 99 S Jackson St, Seattle
    Jonathan Sposato - Eric Cobb was the architect for our home and also for three office projects that I worked on. He goes above and beyond to design for making people happy. He has wonderful ideas about light, your orientation towards it, the openness of a space, and sound management. He will always insist on some bold architectural statements that are totally rock star. You have to first get comfortable with being uncomfortable, then you love him for it. He also creates outdoor spaces where there wouldn’t be spaces otherwise. It’s not overstating it to say that he has fundamentally changed our lives.
    recommended by Gwa Vokka
  • 1221 E Pike St 305, Seattle
    David Cantu - This firm did all the work for an extensive remodel. They were great to work with, solved some tough design challenges, and helped bring our vision to life. Great fun, creative, and talented team.
  • 5512 1st Ave NE, Seattle
    recommended by Danna Redmond
  • 1050 N 38th St, Seattle • Fremont
    Tom Laramee - I hired Kevin to help with a steep slope analysis prior to beginning a major remodel. He gave me a comprehensive overview of how King County classifies my property and handed a clear plan off to the design build team.
  • 3616 E Denny Way, Seattle • Madrona
    Elissa Fink - Great architects. Wonderful eye for the right thing to do if you're adding on, remodeling and/or going all in on pretty much new to the ground. Super smart about building and contracting too.
  • Amy McCullough - Ellen is an incredibly talented and thoughtful architect. Clean and elegant design and a great person to work with!

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