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Ben Shorr

I live in Ravenna. Many house projects and old(er) vehicles. Sometimes I need professional help.
Joined almost 2 years ago

Ben Recommends


Acorn Custom Cabinets
We remodeled our kitchen and added a dining room about 10 years ago. We went with Acorn Cabinets after getting quotes from several local cabinet shops. We worked with our architect (Terry Mulholland - an incredible architect) to design the cabinets and shelves which were built to our specification. It was nice to be able to visit their showroom and manufacturing. We had them installed by our contractor and painted by a professional as part of the overall remodel.
Albert Lee Major Appliances
Great experience purchasing appliances during remodel 9 years ago. Seriously - who has a great experience purchasing appliances? Mark may have left- hopefully current salespeople have as much integrity.
Cisco Electric
Frankie did some work on my house 10 years ago - all good work.
Energy Works
Tore out old boiler - installed new boiler. Not cheap - but excellent work. Still working 8 months later.
Mulholland Design LLC
Terry Mulholland is incredible. She's an architect and professional carpenter. Outstanding to work with.
Pacific Landscaping
Not sure if they're still around. Larry Arndt 206 366-0913 They did great work - reasonable price and has lasted. Lanscaped yard including pavers, timbers.
South to Northwest Painting
Excellent house painting - indoors and outdoors. Great quality and price. Full disclosure - Yeyo is my brother-in-law.
The Fixit Sisters
Contractor High quality work. Thoughtful and responsible - and really sisters!
Woodcrafters Construction
Travis remodeled our kitchen and built a new dining room. 10 years on - extremely happy and everything still works and looks great. Excellent to work with - organized and stands behind work.
Xfinity (Comcast)
Internet Provider
Meh. It mostly works. Alternatives?



Mend Bicycles
Bike Shop
Great shop. Used to be mobile only (James I think). Small shop; big help. Not snooty.
Montlake Bicycle Shop
Bike Shop
Bike shops can be hit or miss - really depends on who works with you and how their day is going in my experience. Montlake has been great. A few years ago, Mike went above and beyond to cut down a seat post for my son's dirt bike (Giant XTC). They also did some work on my old Bianchi - and took the time to make sure it worked after a slightly botched repair.
Namaste Yoga Studio
Massage Therapist
Marin is awesome
Progression Cycle
Bike Shop
This bike shop is great - very knowledgeable mountain bikers with no attitude. Small shop- owned by Matt. Right by Duthie Hill. If you find yourself in Issaquah on a regular basis at Duthie or Grand Ridge, worthwhile starting a relationship with them. They have also had a few great sales on last year models.
Recycled Cycles
Bike Shop
I like this place. Mechanics are generally very helpful and generous with their time (when not busy). I've sold bikes here, bought parts, and purchased several Kona bikes that the Recycled Cycles shop builds up and then does periodic maintenance.
Ride Bicycles
Bike Shop
I've had several bike tune ups. Solid work and recommendations. Reasonably priced and straightforward folks.
Trek Bicycle Redmond
Bike Shop
Purchased fenders and rack- salesperson was reasonably knowledgeable and patient with my questions. If you have a Trek bike, the trek universe of add ons is nice in that things fit well.


Brown Bear Car Wash
Car Wash
Reliable. Splurge on the $4 high speed vacuum even though it feels wrong.
Discount Tire
Excellent work. Do your research first. They will mount and balance tires that you purchase 3rd party. They also fix flats and rotate free.
Louis Foreign Auto Repair
Auto Mechanic
Nobody named Louis works here. Discuss. Dan has taken care of my Volkswagon Vanagon for years- including an engine replacement. Small shop; no lift; good work.
Peace Vans
Auto Mechanic
I just had a bunch of work done on my ageing Vanagon by PeaceVans. Brakes are bigger and better than ever, and fuel should be staying in the tank where it belongs. I started out with their "inspection", which was a fairly complete run-down of the state of my van for just under $300. The mechanic highlighted some deferred maintenance, reaffirmed some things I knew, pointed out a few new things that I should probably take care ofI was tuned in to the potential for mission creep or opening the door to all kinds of things that need work. It is a 28 year old vehicle after all. But I didn't get that from Peace Vans. I spent several hours with Adam at PeaceVans going over the review - and he came up with several options with cost. They are not the cheapest - but their prices are fairly in-line with other shops I've gone to. They did the work on-time and for the budgeted cost, I am happy with all of the interactions, and everything seems to be working well. They clearly love VW campers and once I save more money I will likely get more work done!




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Ben's Conversations

Ben Shorr
5 days ago • Ravenna
I'm looking for a landscape contractor (landscape architect or designer) that is RainWise certified with the city to install a rain garden in my ya...
Meredith Fife
about 1 month ago • Auburn
Hi Everyone, We are starting to think about a kitchen remodel and I was wondering if anyone has installed Semi-Handmade kitchen cabinets? If so, wh...
Gina Tran
11 months ago • Lake City
Anyone know of any fantastic architects that have dealt with some funky layouts? Our house was a former adult family home that went to foreclosure ...
Maria D'Angelo
11 months ago • Capitol Hill
I'm looking for a photographer who takes solid team and employee portraits for our upcoming all-hands where my entire company (15 people) will be i...
Mikaela A Kiner
about 1 year ago • Mount Baker
I need an exterior house painter, who's willing to come to Mt Baker. Tips please?
Adam Doppelt
about 1 year ago • Magnolia
OK, friends. Does anyone have a gastroenterologist they love? I'm happy with my current gastro (Dr. Drennan) but he's semi-retired now. I'm looking...
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