3 Best Seattle Eyeglasses

  • 305 E Pine St, Seattle
    Mikaila McLane - Easy to find the perfect frames because they have a huge selection and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I have two pairs of glasses from here and they are well loved.
    Sara Sohnly - I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere else for glasses again. They have so many options that fit so many face types and I love all the colors and designs they provide. Not to mention they are super affordable and super durable! Customer service is easy and helpful, I’ve never ran into any issues with ordering from them and I have 3 pairs.
    Thad Allen - In addition to great prices on frames, they also are excellent at adjusting my glasses whenever I come in.
  • 2. Zenni
    Carly Canter - Best rates for your frames and lenses. Covered by some insurances too!
    recommended by Patrick O'Donnell
  • 3. Ottica
    2025 1st Ave, Seattle
    Keith Funai - Ottica has always been my go to eyeglass store. My favorites: the Japanese designer glasses!