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Patrick O'Donnell

Madrona • Seattle, WA
I've lived in the Madrona neighborhood since 1999. I have 2 kids and love technology.
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Joined over 2 years ago
Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum
Bob Kramer Stainless Damascus Chef’s Knife
Ohuhu Telescopic Ladder
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All Clad
Pots & Pans
I bought my first All Clad pans over 20 years ago, and over the years, I've added a few more to my original collection. They always feel so solid and easy to work with. The only issue I had, was a few years ago when we accidentally left a sauce pan on the heat for a few hours. The water boiled off, and eventually the pot developed a crack. We'd heard All Clad had a great warranty, so we called them, and they just sent us a new pan. I wish all of my appliances could be made this well.
Anova Precision Oven
I've been a happy sous vide user for a few years, but this new oven is really a game changer. I can do everything my sous vide could, but better. I'd heard about commercial "combi ovens", that use a mix of steam and radiant heat, but the results so far have been great! I've used it for everything from bagels and baguettes to prime rib and fish. If you have room in your kitchen, I highly recommend it!
Baking Steel
Pizza Pans & Stones
Block and Linen Hand Printed Napkins
These are beautiful, and hand made by a local Seattle artist. They also make tea towels and pillows!
Bull in China Mixing Glass
I purchased this based on @Andrew recommendation, and have loved it! It's classy, sturdy, and seems to make everything that comes out of it taste better
Chromecast With Google TV
Streaming Media Player
I've been a regular Apple TV user for years, but the remote and UI are often very frustrating. I recently started using Google TV interface and remote control, and both are so much better! Important extra buttons on the remote include: tv power, tv input, separate home and back buttons. The remote is also not as symmetrical as the Apple TV remote, so I am far less likely to pick it up upside down. The UI also seems faster to wake up, load apps and start videos. It's also requires no nearby flat surface for the device, since it hangs from the HDMI port. Only disadvantage I've found is no access to Apple TV+ or any videos you've purchased from Apple.
Cloud Paper 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper
It's Ridic!
I've used many hacky sacks, and they often have inconsistent surfaces, or too easily leak the sand or beads inside. I own a few hacky sacks from IT'S RIDIC, and they all started great, and have aged well. I bought the Spiral Pellet Filled 32-Panel model, and having so many panels, really gives it a much better feel than the ones with fewer panels.
Joule Sous Vide
Sous Vide
I've been using the Joule sous vide for a few years and love it. With Joule, steaks always come out perfectly. They are relatively small, and have a great design. It comes with a smart phone app to control and monitor the devices, and it comes with tons of recipes tied to device settings. For many ingredients, it even has example photos for different temperature settings, so you can make sure you get just what you want.
KitchenAid Mixer
Nest Hello Doorbell
Home Security
There are so many handy use cases for a doorbell camera! - How urgently you need to get to the front door? - Has that package been delivered yet? - Who left this at my door? All that in addition to the main security feature of deterring theft, and investigating porch mysteries. There are a few doorbell cameras on the market, but this one is very nicely integrated with your Google account. That means when someone rings the doorbell, all of my Google smart speakers announce it, and the speakers with screens immediately switch to a live stream of the front door so you can see who it is and even talk to them.
I spent years frustrated with various key and combination locks before discovering the joys of a fingerprint keyed pad lock. It's annoying to carry a key while working out, and it can be hard to enter a combination in a dimly lit locker room (especially if your glasses are in the locker!). I've been using the Tapp fingerprint lock for a couple of years, and it really has been everything I'd hoped it would be. The only caution is that you do need to charge it with a USB cable every few months.
Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning
My family goes through this so fast! We mostly use it on avocado toast, but it's got lots of applications
YouTube TV
Streaming Media Player
I'm still getting used to the DVR features, but so far it works well, at a great price point.



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