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Patrick O'Donnell

I've lived in the Madrona neighborhood since 1999. I have 2 kids and love technology.
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Carolyn Gracz
about 2 months ago • Madrona
Looking for a good CSA that hopefully isn’t sold out already. Thanks!
Oren Etzioni
4 months ago • Seattle
Does anyone have a good experience with installation of an electric generator?
Brian Glaister
6 months ago • Greenlake
Looking for a great butcher in downtown or north seattle. My wife is pregnant and cant stand the thought of a Turkey roasting in the oven smelling ...
Jana Kleitsch
7 months ago • Seattle
I'm in the market for a new financial advisor. What would be good questions to ask when interviewing a potential advisor?
Meredith Fife
8 months ago • Auburn
I am looking for a reliable jeweler in the downtown Seattle area, preferably someone local.
Katie Thoresen
9 months ago • Snoqualmie
I am exploring the idea of getting rid of Comcast. Any advice to ensure that I can still get some of my favorite channels, including Bravo, NFL, E!...
Adam Doppelt
10 months ago • Magnolia
My house has an iron railing running along the front stairs. Last month the end of the railing rusted and fell off. Oops, bad homeowner award... W...