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Best Seattle Health Pros

  • 509 Olive Way, Seattle • Downtown
    Patrick O'Donnell - Downtown, kid friendly, interesting rotating art, great views. Been going there since 2000
    Devon Burns - Very knowledgeable and thorough. His office is like an art gallery, beautiful space to get your teeth cleaned.
    Andrew Bohrer - Great dentist, been going there for years, has a very holistic view and an amazing art collection. I really like that the practice takes the time to explain the arch of services.
  • 7554 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Carl Haynes - Have taken the kids here their whole lives. Dr. Bowe is our primary Dr. but all have been wonderful.
    Dana Silverman - Dr. Denae Nakoneczny is amazing! Very trustworthy and always has time to listen and make suggestions with an open mind.
    Matthew Berk - Took my son here for years. Healthy as a horse!
  • 1121 1st Ave, Seattle • Downtown
    Yaprak DeCarmine - I've had some discomfort with my eyes for the past 6 months and found Eyes On You from the recommendations here on Fresh Chalk. And I'm so happy I did because Dr. Lin was amazing! She ran so many tests and by the end of my 40 minute appointment, we figured out exactly why. Can't recommend the team at Eyes On You enough.
    Ben Gilbert - She is the best eye doctor in Seattle - hands down.
    Piragash - Dr. Lawson and Dr. Locke are 100% customer obsessed. They always go above and beyond and make things easier on me.
  • 1818 E Mercer St 200, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Liz Pearce - Very happy with the care my daughter has gotten. She's had invisilign and even feels comfortable going in for her check-ups on her own.
    Lila Pearce - I got my Invisalign here and I can go in my own no adult required.
    Casey O'Donnell - They have really good service i like there atmosphere, and my familys been with them for over 5 years and trust them!
  • 2014 E Madison St, Seattle • Central District
    Melinda Lane - Dr. Dueck and Dr. Sasaki are both great. The traction table is awesome (also free—perk!). I think getting your neck cracked is all kinds of wrong, but if you are in pain there's a good chance they can help.
    Genessa - BEST DOCTORS EVER!!!! Especially Dr. Sasaki.
    John Fisher - My guy here is Jeffery Dueck. I’m a reluctant chiropractic client because I hate hearing and feeling everything crackling and popping. But once in awhile I need it, and Dueck is great. He’s funny, and very tolerant of the f-bombs I scream out when he does his thing. (It’s not his fault.) Vida is a little big and impersonal sometimes but it’s worth it for the Dueck experience.
    recommended by Tina, Adam Loving, mike grabham
  • 20 Boston St, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Maria Hess - Dr Eric Bergstrom is great. I have a kid who wears strong prescription glasses, so we go often. They've been a fantastic source of care and training (for contacts).
    Beth MacLean - Wonderful neighborhood clinic with personalized service and expertise!
    Amy Boes - Love! Great place
  • 4254 Fremont Ave N, Seattle • Fremont
    Tom Laramee - This shop has a large number of very rad frames and their staff is super friendly. They'll patiently work with, suggesting as many frames as it takes, until you find something that you love.
    Yaprak DeCarmine - Everyone here is awesome and they have a large selection of frames
    Laura F - I love the frame selection here. I have a small face, and I have had great success working with the team at Eyes on Fremont to find cute frames that fit well. No more resorting to kid frames! I have had a couple of good eye exams here as well.
    recommended by Ben Shorr, Abbe Tolzmann
  • 500 Aloha St 1, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Kristen Hamilton - Have known Melissa for years as both a friend and a dentist. She's the bomb
    Brian Schultz - Convenient times, efficient/knowledgeable staff, they keep my teeth in shape!
    Ryan Metzger - One of the better dentist offices I've gone to. Make sure to check your insurance covers it, though! I had to switch when my old carrier stopped. Hope to be back!
  • Matt Shobe - Outstanding professionalism, first rate and genuine care for his patients' well-being. Dr. Friedrich is the best dentist I've ever had (in 40 years of visits, and counting) and you can tell the man truly loves his work.

    UPDATE: Dr. Friedrich announced his retirement recently. Drs. Grant and Corinne Reschenthaler, a husband-and-wife team, are taking over the practice. I will update this review after my next visit in early 2020.
    Michelle Flandreau - Easy going - great guy!
    T.A. McCann - Efficient, good and friendly. Ask him about his interest in architecture or polish film too.
  • 904 7th Ave, Seattle • First Hill
    Piragash - She’s right a lot. Very caring. Smartest pediatrician I’ve met.
    Vaneeta - Dr. Lindsay is fantastic and is the voice of reason any new/paranoid parent needs. She patiently listens to the list of questions we bring and provides great answers that ease our concerns. Our son loves her and we feel so lucky to have her as his doctor.
    Melinda Torres - My kids love her! Having kids not be afraid of going to the doctor is fantastic.


Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right health pro? Ask your friends.
Melinda Lane
19 days ago • Madison Park
I've tried nitrous, meditation, visualization, and soothing music—nothing quells my anxiety at the dentist. I had a sort of understanding with my l...
4 replies
8 days ago
Meredith Fife Hi Melinda, I can totally relate. I hate the dentist and I'm still searching for that special someone to help me with all my hopes and fears. My last dentist drilled down on a root canal before I was numb and sent my body through the ceiling. So, I too am interested in this topic. Here is what I have learned:

I know that Innovative Dentistry used to have a therapy dog that helped out around the office for people like us, however, the dog retired with his owner a year or two ago. The office still tries to meet the demand of patients with anxiety by using nitrous oxide, weighted blankets, and other tools.

Fidler on the Tooth (what a great name right?) has some great recommendations on Fresh Chalk and their website talks specifically about helping patients with anxiety. They work with you on a plan of attack to help keep you calm during those nerve-racking times. I like that idea-- hand signals can really be helpful.

Lastly, Pacific Modern Dentistry works specifically with patients who have anxiety. I’m not sure what methods and tools they use that are different from the other places, but I think their office picture looks calming and a place that I could relax. That counts for something, right? Good luck.
Adam Doppelt A close friend of mine is an anxious dental patient and often avoids going for that reason. I set her up with my dentist, Dr. Russell, and they've been very understanding. Now she gets her teeth cleaned regularly and we all declared success.
Amy Woidtke Thank you. I am the classic white knuckle patient. Thankfully I respond well to nitrous but I'm still freaking out. Grateful for these referrrals. I have been going to PIMA dental school and they have been great with the dental anxiety however it does take longer than a standard appointment so I look forward to these other options!
Marcelo Calbucci
6 months ago • Kirkland
I've moved back to the area a few months ago and I need to pick a new PCP. Any strong recommendations around Kirkland? I just want to be prepared i...
1 reply
6 months ago
Meredith Fife I have heard great things about Dr. Antony Egnal and his clinic. Hope this helps.
Maria D'Angelo
6 months ago • Capitol Hill
My family has a history of thyroid issues and I've had a few symptoms lately that might be evidence of thyroid issues of my own. Does anybody have ...
3 replies
6 months ago
Jennifer Haller I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Leslie, she is fantastic.
Adam Doppelt Shannon's whole family has thyroid issues, unfortunately... You need to see Dr. Shannon Heitritter at Polyclinic. She's quite good.
Leslie Feinzaig My uncle is the former president of the American Endocrine Association and he recommended I see Dr. Tylee. I've been seeing her for years for my thyroid. She's excellent.
Della Glein
7 months ago • Wallingford
Does anyone have a home healthcare recommendation for the south end?
5 replies
7 months ago
Sima Kahn I have had a good experience with Sound Options, and the client was in the south sound region. If you mean the south end of Seattle, I also like With a Little Help. I hope one of those works!
Della Glein Thank you! I'll check them out. I'm really looking for something in the Auburn area, but I'll see if they serve that area. Thank you for the tip on employee vs contractors.
Shannon Garbaccio Here is another option - Eldercare Navigators Heather is an amazing, knowledgeable and compassionate person. She has a wealth of information and resources to help people navigate the system. She can help with the smallest to the largest needs!
Matt Gamboa
8 months ago • Bellevue
In need of a Rheumatologist. Recently moved back to Seattle and it’s been hard to find one in the Bellevue area. None listed here on Fresh Chalk ei...
3 replies
8 months ago
Adam Doppelt A good friend of mine recommends the Polyclinic Rheumatology clinic, though her specific doctor retired recently.
Colleen Kennedy Not in the Bellevue area, but in Seattle. Janice Gupta at Minor and James is great.
Linda Chow You might try Dr Kent Ta in Bellevue at Overlake Arthritis. He is very professional and thorough, as well as very personable.
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