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9 Best Seattle Jiu Jitsu Dojos

  • 270 S Hanford St 201, Seattle
    Laura - Really love training at GB Seattle! The professors are fantastic. You won't find this many bjj black belts anywhere else. And, its a great crew to train with. The gym has morning, noon and night classes all week long so you can always fit a class around your busy schedule.
  • 604 19th Ave E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Mike Torres - Drew and Christine Vogel have created an incredible culture at Framework BJJ. Drew is a 2nd Degree Black Belt under Rick and Phil Migliarese (2 of the highest ranking Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belts in the US) and Chrissie is a Purple Belt under Drew. While I've trained in martial arts for most of my life, I simply didn't know what I was missing until I started working with Drew. Drew is patient, incredibly knowledgeable, and an amazing coach of both the fundamentals and the more intricate game of jiu-jitsu in the gi, without the gi, and for self-defense.
  • 5020 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle • Wallingford
    Jacob Boysen - Marcelo's is hands down the best place to train jiu-jitsu in the Seattle. He is 6th degree black belt under Carlson Gracie and was a head instructor at the famed Champion Factory Copacabana Beach Academy in Brazil. He introduced the NW to jiu-jitsu and has been teaching in the area since 1996. They just opened a brand new location in the University District with a wide variety of classes.
  • 222 Minor Ave N, Seattle • South Lake Union
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  • 755 Bellevue Ave E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
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  • 8705 15th Ave NW, Seattle • Crown Hill
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  • 473 N 36th St Ste D, Seattle • Fremont
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  • 1404 NW 49th St, Seattle • Ballard
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  • 9615 16th Ave SW, Seattle

Jiu Jitsu Dojos Near Seattle

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