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Best Seattle Wellness Pros

  • 5301 Leary Ave NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Ron Zanetti - We love this club. Been members for more than 10 years. They have everything we want in a club: classes, variety of exercise rooms and equipment, spa, and more.
    Carl Haynes - Closest gym open 24 hours. Kids pool is decent and is available for kids most of the weekend. Have added a bunch more parking which helps.
    Carly Kiser - Best gym with childcare in Ballard!
  • 2223 24th Ave E, Seattle • Montlake
    Omar Shahine - We have purchased all our kids bikes here. They offer great advice and are patient with our kids. They will also purchase your old bike.
    Ben Shorr - Bike shops can be hit or miss - really depends on who works with you and how their day is going in my experience. Montlake has been great. A few years ago, Mike went above and beyond to cut down a seat post for my son's dirt bike (Giant XTC). They also did some work on my old Bianchi - and took the time to make sure it worked after a slightly botched repair.
    Javier Soto - We got our Bromptons here. Impeccable and knowledgeable service. They love their trade and it shows.
  • 3. Banya 5
    217 9th Ave N, Seattle • South Lake Union
    Mike Torres - Concrete and brick parilka that gets *far* hotter (240 degrees) than most dry heat saunas, a Turkish steam room, a salt water mineral bath, a 47 degree cold plunge pool, and a 104 degree hot tub. It doesn't take long to feel completely rejuvenated from a hard training session. I don't go all that often (a few times/month max) but when I do, I wonder why it's not part of my regular routine.
    Jacob Hollenbeck - I used to frequent this location when I was training heavily in CrossFit. An absolute godsend for recovery. I personally love going from the super hot sauna into the ice cold pool. The massage therapy was nothing special for me. Only got it once. The facility overall is a bit small (and can get cramped) but the experience is excellent.
    Stuart Nagae - Good massage therapists. The back and forth of the super hot sauna and the cold pool is invigorating.
    recommended by Kyle Rolfe, Karren A Schafer
  • Jennifer Haller - Love the fast pace intervals - the time goes by quick! Also love that you can mostly go at your own pace and you don't have to compare to others next to you.
    Rebecca Lovell - The Capitol Hill gym is welcoming, non-judgmental and motivational at the same time! None of the no-pain-no-gain machismo, but a great and supportive community. Not to mention killer workout. Tammara is the best!
    Yue Ning - Really effective and affordable way of exercise.
  • 608 19th Ave E, Seattle
    Liz Pearce - Hard to go wrong with a class here! I think I've been to almost every instructor and all types of instruction. The location is convenient with easy parking and you can grab a coffee at Fuel afterwards!
    Lindsay Pedersen - Just a lovely studio
    Melinda - Lovely, clean studio with a nice variety of classes and styles.
  • Shauna Causey - Like Peleton (personal spin class in my house) better than SoulCycle or Flywheel.
    Dave Parker - After 200 classes at FlyWheel I made the switch to Peloton. Now one year and 150 classes in I'm just as hooked as I was for the in-person classes. I'll still do some FlyWheel classes with friends, a chance to connect - but the regular spin classes are on "The bike that goes nowhere" with Power Zone training
    recommended by Ray, Dana Silverman
  • 2719 E Union St B09, Seattle • Central District
    Liz Pearce - I've just started taking boxing lessons at Cappy's based on all the great recommendations here. It's a fun workout, and the staff and coaches are very friendly and supportive. Be prepared for partner work. If you want to learn a new skill and get out of your comfort zone (but not too far), this is a great option. I can't tell if I'm going to get really hooked yet, but so far so good! Thanks @LilMsSunshine @Kenji @SuperT @Masako
    Yaprak DeCarmine - Went here for the beginning class and it was a lot of fun. Excited to go back!
    Tonya Peck - Wonderful community! Very pro social!
  • 224 Westlake Ave N, Seattle • South Lake Union
    Vaneeta - Go to these barre classes if you wanna get a serious barre workout! I've done others, such as barre 3 and pure barre and simply did not feel challenged. Fly barre felt more full body and I saw great results
    Andrew Bohrer - Yeah, I do Flywheel sometimes. It's dumb and often the music is bad. If you like the music there, then, you like bad music. But, the instructors are good at their job, it's a very efficient workout, and it makes you a better cyclist in the real word by pushing you in ways that streets and trails often can't.
    Daryn Nakhuda - Great studio, buy the monthly pass if you go more than 5 times.
    recommended by Joe Dieter
  • 7007 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle • Greenlake
    Adam Doppelt - Excellent bike shop. Reasonably price and the staff is very friendly.
    Shauna Swerland Youssefnia - we have gone there in the past to get bikes- a bit pricey but great knowledge and selection
    Tom Laramee - I took my kids here for their first bikes and it was such a great experience. The staff was knowledgable, and helpful, and we've been on the Burke regularly since.
  • 619 Broadway E, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    • Deep Tissue
    • Hot Stone
    • Prenatal
    • Reflexology
    • Reiki
    Rich Tong - What a wonderful place. Sponsored a session for a group of us. This is a really friendly spot on capital hill.

    Michael did a great job and they were super great about scheduling. Really relaxing and friendly. This is a small spot and that makes it feel super personal. For instance one of us had some real issues with shoulder tightness and he

    The two hour massage is a great option and very reasonably priced. When making reservations u can use the website but it isn't completely up to date so it makes sense to call as well as u can
    Michele Mehl - Above and beyond a's an experience in wellness.
    Maria Karaivanova - My favorite massage place in Seattle, only downside, it books up very fast, so plan ahead.
    recommended by Annie U, Jennifer Olson


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What fitness equipment are you using while quarantined?

we love The Fitness Outlet and we recommend them to friends for their company gyms and anyone who is trying to get in shape at home (especially now...
6 replies
Last reply 2 days ago
Adam Doppelt The finance piece was provided at checkout by Affirm and was pretty easy/seamless. I think I pay $60/mo for 40 months which adds up to the original price of the Peloton. Plus the monthly Peloton fee which is $40/mo.
Omar Shahine I have some recos here - But we enjoy the equipment from Rogue - we have their folding bench and urethane dumbbells.
Omar Shahine Oh w also have a Peloton. My wife loves it and uses it every day.