10 Best Seattle Kennels

  • 7928 184th St SE, Snohomish
    Michael Mattmiller - So much room for dogs to run. They come home wiped out. Awesome.
    Siri Angeles - Our dog had a blast here on our last trip out of town. She played all day, slept in the shared dog-quarters at night, and the staff was great about giving her a break during the day.
    Della Glein - Five acres of fun for our puppy. It is about the only place she comes home tired!
    recommended by Ray, Carolyn Gracz, Alan Steele
  • 10324 Paradise Lake Rd, Woodinville
    Ray - This place is great!
    recommended by shaer Jabri
  • 815 S Weller St 101a, Seattle • International District
    Kathleen Baxley - I've had good experiences with Rover (dropping my dog at their place during short trips out of town). I've settled in on a couple of people who I call routinely. They also offer in-home stays, dog walking, etc, so might be a good place to look. That said, it's different to have someone actually in your home, so I wonder if anyone else has experience with that.
  • 2603 S Jackson St, Seattle
    recommended by Amy Barker
  • 2751 4th Ave S, Seattle • Industrial District
    recommended by Jose Rodriguez
  • 10907 Aurora Ave N, Seattle • Bitter Lake
    Nora Kozloff - My previous dog, a rescue, was at Fuzzy Buddy's for more than 8 years before he died of cancer. They were wonderful and patient, basically trained him to be a good canine citizen. My current dog, also a rescue, has her share of issues which the staff there deals with kindly and cheerfully. I feel very confident trusting Fuzzy Buddy's with a cherished member of my family.
  • 319 S 297th St, Federal Way
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  • 13426 SE 208th St,
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  • 2040 S 142nd St, SeaTac
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  • 10600 NE 68th St, Kirkland
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