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Best Seattle Pet Pros

  • 4016 E Madison St, Seattle • Madison Park
    Liz Pearce - Jenya Katz and team are great. Easy to get in for basics like grooming, and you can tell they're really invested in their patients.
    Kim Rachmeler - Carina had taken care of both of my Frenchies since they were puppies -- they love her!
    JoAnne Jaspan - The Vets, husband and wife team, Dr and Dr Katz are also the owners. They are both wonderful. Very caring and thorough. Located in Madison Park, a little more spendy than some of the other vets I've seen over the years- however, the level of care and service is top notch.
  • 1800 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Jeri and Amy Andrews - Obsessed with QAAC. Will never use another vet. They have the best team, fantastic customer service and truly care about animals.
    Mark Swardstrom - Right around the corner - awesome team
    Elizabeth Williams - Amazing staff and reasonable prices!
  • 13240 Aurora Ave N, Seattle
    Kirby Winfield - They took wonderful care of our cats Jimmy and Toonces well into their old age, and when the time came they were exceedingly kind and helpful with the final transition.
    Laura - I appreciate having an emergency vet smack in the middle of Seattle. There's easy paid parking across the street but they also have free space next door for real emergencies so you don't have to worry about parking when your pup needs to be seen asap.
    Chelsia Andreassen - Blue Pearl was amazing when I had to take my cat to the emergency vet!
  • 909 E Thomas St, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Erika Ramberg - Love all the vets and staff here. They treat my two pups with a ton of love and compassion, and they even have a doggie photo booth!
    Erin McCaul - We've been taking our pets to Urban animal for 5 years. The staff is professional and empathetic. Nothing but great things to say!
    Owen Bitas - Speedy and attentive
  • 4700 42nd Ave SW 210, Seattle • West Seattle
    Shauna Causey - Great people and a high level of expertise. I've been so happy with West Seattle Animal Hospital.
    Steve Banfield - Wonderful care for our dogs and cats.
    CHaskell - I've been with Dr Johnson for about 15 years. He's helped me graduate from cats to dogs. His staff saw me through the adoption and end of life to my dog Kati. Without going into too much detail, she was a project. He and his staff listened to my issues and concerns, shared many helpful strategies and options, and were unbelievably compassionate when she had to be put down. They even sent me a card after. Everything about that place is a class act, and the staff seems to genuinely like one another.
  • 8821 Aurora Ave N, Seattle • Greenwood
    Anne McGowan - My pets have always had the best care.
    Rob Dolin - We take our older rescue dog here. It's great that they offer Saturday hours.
    Wesley Parker - Buddy loves them so what else matters? Fairly priced, easy to schedule, and convenient parking.
  • 5200 Wilson Ave S, Seattle • Seward Park
    Marston Gould - They really take the time to understand your pets health
    JoAnne Jaspan - Caring, empathetic, knowledgeable docs and techs. If you're in or near Columbia City- these guys are great.
    Ginger Hultin - They have seen us through a lot with our cats - highly recommend because of such good care and customer service.
  • 6857 Woodlawn Ave NE, Seattle • Greenlake
    Ryan Burt - Been there FOREVER, great service & they LOVE doggies (kitties too)
    Maile Bohlmann - We've been going to Green Lake Animal Hospital for more than 15 years. All the vets and vet techs there are great. They listen to you carefully and treat your pet with care and respect for their personality. The reception staff is super friendly and always greets you with a smile.
    Suzanne Haws - They are amazing!
  • 3710 SW Alaska St, Seattle • West Seattle
    Devon Burns - We love this vet clinic. I know my puppy is always getting excellent care. Dr. Seipel is thoughtful and patient with all of our new puppy parent questions. All of the staff are so loving towards little Summit. She thinks the vet is a candy store - dispensing lots of pets and treats at each visit.
    Ted Ellis - Lien is always a welcoming clinic for our pets. They are very clear on what to expect and helpful on regular check ups. Always appreciate that you can schedule an appointment on line with them.
    kelly malloy - I think Lien is wonderful and extremely attentive to mine and my pets needs. I never feel rushed ad all drs and staff take the time to make sure all concerns are covered!
    recommended by Christine Clark, Rachel Lazar
  • 1536 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • Eastlake
    Steve Dossick - Great team with our dog.
    Adam Loving - They took great care of my dog for 11 years.
    mike grabham - We had cats for 17 years. They are great - we love Tracy and everyone there.
    recommended by Tysan Dutta


Ask for Recommendations

Need help finding the right pet pro? Ask your friends.
Augustina Liu
10 days ago • South Lake Union
My cat develops diarrhea and vomiting over 2 days so I desperately want to take him to see a vet ASAP. I searched online and I found most of them o...
4 replies
10 days ago
Augustina Liu Thank you Katie!
Augustina Liu I've called my clinic and the clinic referred me to another one which takes walk-in. I've already scheduled the appointments. So problem solved!
Jacob Hollenbeck You can also try Bluepearl Pet Hospital
Maile Bohlmann
about 1 month ago • Ballard
Our pup has some sort of blemish on the inside of his lips and also frightfully bad breath. We've been treating him via our regular vet, but I'm no...
3 replies
28 days ago
Jacob Hollenbeck Generally this is the job of a good veterinarian. We recently had our cat's teeth cleaned (requiring general anesthesia) and they took x-rays and had all tartar removed. They looked amazing afterwards and the gums significantly less enflamed. It's surprising your vet hasn't been able to help your pup with the teeth... perhaps consult another vet? I've linked my vet (but they are in Renton).
Adam Doppelt We had our dog's teeth "cleaned" later in life on the vet's recommendation. This was a full on surgery involving anesthesia, pulling teeth, etc. Not cheap, but they were thorough and the recovery was quick. Her breath was much improved after that.
Amy Woidtke Seattle Natural Veterinary in Ballard is great! Clients have gone to natural and had better success where western vet med was failing. I love the team there!
Chelsia Andreassen
about 2 months ago • Ballard
Can anyone recommend a responsible and trustworthy cat sitter that can stay at your house?
4 replies
about 2 months ago
Chelsia Andreassen @kristy please email it to me! You're the best!
Liz Pearce My dog sitter Jenny also does cat sitting - normally Cash goes to stay with her, but she also does in-home pet sitting. Cash LOVES Jenny , she's great.
Chelsia Andreassen Thank you, Liz!
Brooklyn Benjestorf
4 months ago • Capitol Hill
We're bringing home a new puppy at the end of the month and also aren't crazy about our current kitty vet. Hoping to find a new place on Capitol Hi...
2 replies
4 months ago
Steve Dossick We're big fans of Eastlake Veterinary Hospital, all 3 of the vets in the practice are great.
Adam Doppelt Just be aware, many vets are majorly backed up. Call now and make an appointment! We are having a bit of trouble getting our favorite vet to see our new pup. Luckily they are prioritizing vaccine appointments.
Carolyn Gracz
5 months ago • Madrona
Hello! Can anyone recommend a trusted in-home dog and cat sitter? Either an individual or through a company like Rover? Our dog doesn't do well wit...
4 replies
5 months ago
Liz Pearce @CityGirl Do you do in-home sitting or know anyone who does?
Jenny Vaughan I do in home and at my home!!!
Maria D'Angelo Hi Carolyn! I’ve been a babysitter/nanny on UrbanSitter for over 8 years now, and I’ve done in-home pet-sitting for friends, coworkers, and the families I’ve babysat/nannied for. Happy to give you some references if you’re interested.