10 Best Seattle Nonprofits

  • 900 12th Ave, Seattle • Central District
    Steve Banfield - If you love photography or have a creative itch that you haven't been able to scratch, check out the classes at Photographic Center Northwest. It's centrally located on Capitol Hill with classrooms, film and digital photo lab space and galleries. There are classes from complete beginner to very advanced with a certificate program for anyone looking to really commit to creative photography. They also have classes for kids and teens as well.
    Stuart Nagae - Photo school on cap hill. Taking a class or workshops here is a great way to get better at taking photos - accessible for people who just shoot on phones all the way to film purists. Great instructors and facility.
    Nate Gowdy - I’m such a fan of the community they cultivate for budding and experienced Seattle photographers alike. PCNW is a nonprofit educational institution in Capitol Hill that hosts classes, workshops, presentations, and exhibitions.
  • 921 Terry Ave, Seattle • First Hill
    Flora Ku - I've been donating blood through Bloodworks NW for nearly a decade - always a great experience!
    Linda Lowry - Blood Donation is an essential activity and encouraged activity. Donating blood is a safe, simple process and each blood donation has the potential to save 3 lives.
    Every day 1k donors are needed to ensure local hospitals have blood to provide to patients. BE one of those 1K!
    Your next appointment will help keep the blood supply healthy in the coming months. Book yours now: bloodworksnw.org/donate/fin...
    Katie Bunch - As a unique provider of health care services for the community, Bloodworks Northwest collects, tests and distributes 90% of the lifesaving blood used in the Pacific Northwest. As a first responder to the blood supply, Bloodworks needs 1,000 donations every day to keep our community hospital blood supply at safe levels for patients in the Pacific Northwest.
    recommended by Meg Hall
  • 1016 E Pike St, Seattle
    Yaprak DeCarmine - Awesome place to donate your gently used stuff. It's a thrift store where profits go to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
  • 720 2nd Ave, Seattle
    Jonathan Sposato - The United Way of King County helps more people in our region than literally any other philanthropic agency combined. They impact the lives of 100,000's of people thru-out King County thru rental assistance, housing the homeless, and keeping families financially stable. What's more, $0.95 cents of every dollar you give goes *directly* to someone in need. You simply can't get a better ROI on your good money anywhere else.
  • Yaprak DeCarmine - Organizations like ACLU are vital to defending the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to each person in our country. ACLU is fighting to keep families together at our borders, getting peaceful protesters out of jail and standing up for all of us in times of need.
  • 3161 Elliott Ave, Seattle
    Abiola Akanni - I've known of Yoga Behind Bars for years and have had the pleasure of working with them directly. Their non-profit offers trauma-informed yoga to incarcerated youth and adults to help change their lives from the inside out. Their impact is phenomenal and I've yet to see a program like it that impacts individuals that are incarcerated and the yoga teachers that serve them.
  • 130 Nickerson St 107, Seattle
    Tom Laramee - These guys are great - they have three main mechanisms for clean water protections in and around Puget Sound: (1) the actively monitor waterways for pollution (2) they advocate for water protections at the legislative and judicial levels and (3) they do community outreach and education.
  • 1100 NW 52nd St, Seattle • Ballard
    recommended by Shannon Garbaccio
  • 1501 Pike Pl 521, Seattle
    Laura Clise - Ventures is a incredible organization that champions and supports microbusiness owners, providing them with access to both training and capital. Led by Beto Yarce, Ventures serves aspiring entrepreneurs, with a focus on women, people of color, immigrants, and individuals with low income. I love that Ventures works tirelessly to ensure more equitable access to the many benefits of small business ownership.
  • Chris Manderino - Impact West Seattle is a coalition of women in West Seattle who use our collective giving and action to make an impact on the social, economic and environmental issues facing our region. If you are a woman living in West Seattle who cares about the opportunity to give back in even small ways - this is your tribe.