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10 Best Seattle Nonprofits

By Neighborhood

  • 1016 E Pike St, Seattle
    Yaprak DeCarmine - Awesome place to donate your gently used stuff. It's a thrift store where profits go to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
  • 130 Nickerson St 107, Seattle
    Tom Laramee - These guys are great - they have three main mechanisms for clean water protections in and around Puget Sound: (1) the actively monitor waterways for pollution (2) they advocate for water protections at the legislative and judicial levels and (3) they do community outreach and education.
  • 1100 NW 52nd St, Seattle • Ballard
    recommended by Shannon Garbaccio
  • 4229 W. Marginal Way SW, Seattle
    Omar Shahine - I hired College Hunks to donate and haul away furniture. I was SO happy with the service. I'm always nervous about the ability of people to remove large and heavy furniture safely from my home and they did an amazing job. I donated a dresser, desk, dining table, chairs. They will take it to Good Will or another charity. Cost is based on how much of the truck you use - in my case 1/3 of a truck was $350.
  • Seattle, WA • Downtown
    sandra dinnis - so this is a neighbor in Ballard trying to help the hungry.
    In exchange for a food donation you get a hand made mask.Mike would love to help anyone who would like to set this up in their neighborhood.Just call him and find out how much food he has already donated.
  • 921 Terry Ave, Seattle • First Hill
    Linda Lowry - Blood Donation is an essential activity and encouraged activity. Donating blood is a safe, simple process and each blood donation has the potential to save 3 lives.
    Every day 1k donors are needed to ensure local hospitals have blood to provide to patients. BE one of those 1K!
    Your next appointment will help keep the blood supply healthy in the coming months. Book yours now:
    Katie Bunch - As a unique provider of health care services for the community, Bloodworks Northwest collects, tests and distributes 90% of the lifesaving blood used in the Pacific Northwest. As a first responder to the blood supply, Bloodworks needs 1,000 donations every day to keep our community hospital blood supply at safe levels for patients in the Pacific Northwest.
  • 7050 32nd Ave S, Seattle
    Faisa Farole - We recommend EACS because they provide a great summer program where they expose young children to various career professionals, from coding to law enforcement. They also offer after school programs to East African refugee students who often have parents whose English is limited. They offer citizenship prep classes. They offer something for the whole family.
  • Northgate Executive Center I, 155 NE 100th St 500, Seattle
    Faisa Farole - Easy to navigate various resources. They have interpreters so it makes it easier for our clients to ask for what they need.
  • 8810 Renton Ave S, Seattle
    Faisa Farole - We refer clients to them for housing and immigration law assistance. They also offer social groups for adult folks.
  • 3818 S Edmunds St 103, Seattle
    Faisa Farole - They have fun social groups for everyone in the family. Giving families opportunity to connect with other families of color.

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