9 Best Seattle Outdoor Sports Stores

  • 2203 1st Ave S, Seattle
    Laura Butler - They make great gaiters & mittens as well as rain jackets and down jackets, particularly for women. I am short but with broad shoulders, a long torso, and a narrow waist. Their stuff fits and is flattering besides having high usability (pockets, pulls in the right places).
    Devon Burns - Outdoor Research makes low gators for kids!
  • 2. REI
    222 Yale Ave N, Seattle
    Mikaila McLane - My one stop shop for all outdoor gear. They have an excellent return policy and frequently have good sales and discounts.
    Meg Reynolds - I highly recommend getting fit for a bike at REI. The folks in cycling will not only fit you from a measurement perspective, but also help you get the right bike for what you want to do now and what you might aspire to do. You know they are super busy, so book an appointment.
  • 5209 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle
    Devon Burns - Ascent Outdoors in Ballard has kids gear!
    Mark Rollins - Ascent Outdoors is my go-to store for all my outdoor gear bneeds. I got my backcountry Ski setup and Jerry was really help
  • 11762 Aurora Ave N, Seattle • Bitter Lake
    Erin McDonald - I've searched for gear online and at golf course pro shops but Puetz always has the best options AND best prices.
  • 3139 W Government Way suite b, Seattle
    Jessica Graham - The only thing you really, REALLY need to run...is a good pair of running shoes! Seven Hills Running Shop in Seattle is the best place to go to make sure you're fitted in the right style for your foot and running needs. The owner, Phil, is super knowledgeable and in COVID times he can even schedule you a special time to pop in the store to try shoes on if you'd like. The shop also carries nutrition, hydration packs, and other gear you might need for your outdoor adventures.
  • 607 1st Avenue Seattle • Pioneer Square
    John Phipps - Fun to see a group of guys and investors building a sustainable golf clothing brand! As golfers, we appreciate nature and what it offers.....yet we cover ourselves in plastic clothes (polyester) that will never decompose and is affecting our health slowly. If you get a chance, check them out at radmorgolf.com
  • 263 Yale Ave N, Seattle
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  • 2020 Western Ave, Seattle
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  • 9. Filson
    1741 1st Ave S Seattle

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