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  • 2815 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • Eastlake
    Laura - As a jiu jitsu gal, I'm always injuring something. Rob gets me in tip-top-shape so I can get back to the mats asap.
    recommended by Ray
  • 3221 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle • Eastlake
    Tatyana Sussex - I saw Corley when I thought I couldn't run anymore, she put me back together and I also learned a LOT of cool things about my body and continue to run thanks to her.
    Daniel Ybanez - Their whole staff is very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend.
    recommended by Kate Leroux
  • 3200 W McGraw St, Seattle • Magnolia
    Piragash - Jessica is awesome. She’s good at diagnosing issues, adapting, and recommending realistic exercises to do on your. She has the vibe of a coach and finds cascading problems and addresses a number of issues at once.
    Amy - They have some fantastic PT's on staff. Convenient location, easy parking.
  • 1100 Ninth Ave
    Laura - Charlie has a really analytic approach to helping you not just diagnose the underlying issue but also helping to explain it.
  • 3727 California Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Michele Mehl - Julie is fantastic
  • 1100 9th Ave, Seattle
    Kim Rachmeler - Charlie at VM Sports Medicine Clinic helped me solve a hip problem that had been bothering me for almost a year -- I do what Charlie tells me and I get better.
  • 3603 S McClellan St, Seattle
    recommended by Laura
  • 4501 Interlake Ave N, Seattle
    Della Glein - Zach's sense of humor makes healing from your injury a little less worrisome. He provides quick, accurate assessments and doesn't overload you with dozens of exercises.
  • 120 Lakeside Ave 210, Seattle
    Libby - Erin Coomer, owner of Run Seattle PT is amazing. She specializes in working with patients who have running-related injuries. She's very smart, experienced, supportive and realistic.
  • 3837 13th Ave W, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Stuart Nagae - Beth is great - very experienced with hip issues and athletes. They do cupping too which is awesome and a great contrast to the smashing most do with massage, foam roller, etc...

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