10 Best Seattle Podiatrists

  • Lindeman Pavilion, 1201 Terry Ave, Seattle • First Hill
    Laura - Really appreciate Dr. Pilar's delightful personality. She proactively scheduled me for X-rays after a persistent problem and we found the underlying issue quickly. I love that she didn't waste time and didn't make me keep coming back.
    Bill Carr - She is great. Prompt, direct, smart, great bedside manner and solved my chronic problem in about 5 minutes!!
  • 1455 NW Leary Way 350, Seattle • Northgate
    Tom Laramee - I recently had a visit with Dr. Blahous over at the UW Sports Medicine Clinic in Ballard and he was extremely competent, efficient, and quick in his analysis and most importantly, he was really easy to talk to. His speciality is foot and ankle treatment "for the active and athletic population" ... so if you want someone to talk about sports with during your x-rays, he's your guy.
  • 8111 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle • Greenwood
    Steven Chayer - American Dance Institute has been sending our dancers to Dr. Woodle for 30 years. He provides excellent care. My wife Elizabeth and I have known Alan and his wife Roslyn for 30 years. They were our neighbors when we first moved to Phinney Ridge. His offices are just a block away from our Greenwood dance studio. He is an excellent podiatrist and a real gentleman.
  • 904 7th Ave, Seattle • First Hill
    Gillian Muessig - I use the West Seattle location on California Ave SW. Dr. Lo is direct, has a dry sense of humor, and provides no-nonsense, excellent service. He performed surgery for my son who had foot trouble for years before Dr. Lo identified and solved his problem when several other MDs had failed to do so. He tended to bruised toe when I banged it up pretty well.
  • 2611 NE 125th St 130, Seattle • Lake City
    Lynn Chapman - Dr. Berg is awesome. He so friendly and treats you like one of the family.
  • 2611 NE 125th St 130, Seattle • Lake City
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  • 509 Olive Way, Seattle • Downtown
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  • 1021E Cherry St, Seattle • First Hill
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  • 1021E Cherry St, Seattle • First Hill
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  • 1545 NE 65th St, Seattle • Ravenna
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