Chuck's Auto Repair - Maple Leaf
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Chuck's Auto Repair - Maple Leaf

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almost 4 years ago
Unlike any other repair shop, Chuck's makes you feel like they are craftspeople loving the work they do and making a difference for their customers. I always walk away feeling like I got a reasonable deal and well taken care of.
recommended by ERICA JORGENSEN

Cautionary Tales

Masked Cat - 12 months ago
I used to like Chuck's until they misdiagnosed an issue with my son's car. After multiple visits and $3500 later the car made began to make a shuddering sound. The tech dismissed this as normal so we took it to the Subaru dealer who said it needed an $8k transmission replacement.

From them on, the people at Chucks's were rude and unresponsive. I only got their attention by threatening to file a complaint with the AG.

The manager told me they had provided the best possible service and done nothing wrong. He dismissed every mistake they made.

The whole process was infuriating. They clearly don't stand by their service guarantee. I will never use them again and strongly caution taking your car there. Also - lots of mansplaining. No thank you.
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