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  • 1. Wrench
    2101 4th Ave 1060, Seattle • Belltown
    Liz Pearce - Used Wrench for the first time this weekend after giving up driving all the way to the dealership in Ballard, where I usually get service work done. Price was cheaper than the dealership and on-par with Jiffy Lube (this was for an oil/filter change). They had to reschedule my service from the time I requested, but they offered several alternatives and gave me a 10% discount. The mechanic was super nice and offered some helpful tips. Overall a very good experience.
    Ryan Burt - Mobile mechanics that come to your home or work. Reputable guys, great service.
    Ryan Metzger - Having work done on your car at your house while you're getting other things is such a refreshing change. Better yet, you can book in advance on your phone and know when they'll be starting. Have used Wrench multiple times on multiple cars and highly recommend them.
  • 7900 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle • Phinney Ridge
    Tom Laramee - Matt's always takes the time to explain what they're going to do, how long it will take, and how much it will cost (and they're quite accurate).
    Wendy Quast - They are always professional, on time, reasonably priced and their customer service is wonderful.
    Jessica Bryant - Matt is awesome and honest. Takes great care of my car. I go to the second location on Aurora - it's brand new and plenty of parking.
  • 4333 Leary Way NW, Seattle • Ballard
    Carl Haynes - Had the car (1998 Honda CRV) towed here the last couple times it broke down. They did a good job getting it back up and running
    Ryan Burt - Excellent service and super trustworthy!
    Jeff Malek - Best service in Seattle, after having tried many!
  • 2437 6th Ave S, Seattle • Industrial District
    Tony Wright - Amazingly organized/communicative mechanics with mostly female mechanics.
    Stephen Nash - My dear friend, Eli Allison, owns/operates Repair Revolution. His staff is incredibly helpful and the service that they provide has exceeded my expectations. I just recommended RR to a friend at work and she was also thrilled with their work and customer service.
    Charlie Hall - Found this gem of a company and they are honest, charge fair rates, don't try to sell you on anything and look out for your best interest.
  • 508 Denny Way, Seattle • South Lake Union
    Stephen Nash - I’ve been taking my BMW to Lance for over 10 years. I trust him implicitly. My car will be 20 yrs old on 1/31/19. Lance gets credit for at least half of that!
    Matthew Berk - Lance is all business, no nonsense. When I don’t feel like getting jacked by the dealer, Lance takes great care of my car.
    Alan Steele - Fat City have been taking care of my 1999 Mercedes ML320 with about 180k miles on it for the last few years. They know how to keep it running without charging me for unnecessary repairs. They also are prompt and reliable, which I really appreciate.
  • 1706 12th Ave, Seattle • Capitol Hill
    Laura - Imagine a mechanic that's transparent about pricing, great about communicating when work will be done, and gives you spot-on guidance about work that you can put off. Yup, that's these guys. Oh, and you get a car wash too.
    Dae Yu - Car Tender is a solid dealer alternative - cheaper than the dealer, great to work with.
    Aaron Hedquist - Had to fix the A/C in my VW. Had a great experience!
    First, they were very communicative, quick to answer the phone, and were able to give me an estimate quickly. Second, they were less expensive than I was expecting. And they were able to work around my schedule and get the service done on time with no unexpected costs.
  • 34th Street Garage, 2410 34th Ave W, Seattle • Magnolia
    Jonathan Sposato - They are super conscientious and honest. Every car that I've taken there as come back better than it was when I took it in. They even have a machine shop on site, so if they can't find a part, they just make it. I have old, weird cars and these guys fix them all.
    Griffin Deebach - I have used this shop four times. These guys are great. You may get sticker shock but that is because they fix things the right way.
    recommended by Adam Broetje
  • 312 Boren Ave S, Seattle • Central District
    Rich Tong - Awesome folks. Get your tires dropped shipped from Tirerack and they mount them. Super reliable. Great alignment too
    Aydin Ghajar - Great prices, easy to schedule, honesty. What more could you ask for in a mechanic?
    Mike Merwin - Byron and his team are amazing - and can do just about anything related to your car's suspension, alignment etc.
  • 1216 S Weller St, Seattle • International District
    Dae Yu - Cmarr is like your cousins shop-personal service. Call them ahead for quotes.
    John Pierce - They are extremely fair, honest and knowledgeable.
  • 7301 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle • Ravenna
    Ben Shorr - Nobody named Louis works here. Discuss. Dan has taken care of my Volkswagon Vanagon for years- including an engine replacement. Small shop; no lift; good work.
    Todd Edebohls - We take our Volkswagen here for repairs. The owner is always there. They’re quick and fairly priced, and have helped us avoid unnecessary repairs.

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Matt Gamboa
6 months ago • Bellevue
Anyone have experience replacing a 2014+ BMW battery? The local dealership is quoting way more than I expect. It's the first time I've had to repla...
11 replies
6 months ago
Jon Wang @mattgambo It's been a while since I've last been, but I recommend Signature Independent in Kirkland. The guys know their stuff, prices were reasonable, and they were trustworthy.
Brian Glaister I dont have a BMW, but AAA came out and changed the battery in my Chrysler which required jacking it up and going through the wheel well. They did it right on the street in front of my car for $140, I think
Susan Stocker Stone's Garage is great. They work on my Porsches and do beautiful work! Every time I am in there, they have BMWs and Audis lined up. They're fair, honest, reliable, personal, and are just nice people.
Sam Herring
10 months ago • Capitol Hill
I'm looking for a good trustworthy Mazda mechanic in central Seattle -- I'm on Capitol Hill. We have an older Mazda that needs some brake work. Tha...
3 replies
6 months ago
Liz Pearce I don't have a Mazda, but Tru-Line is highly recommended by @rich and @MikeM. They do brake work and will service Mazdas.
Adam Doppelt I need this too. Let me know what you find out!
Sam Herring Thanks!
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