Lencsi Angel (The Sage Therapy Group)
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Lencsi Angel (The Sage Therapy Group)

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over 1 year ago
Excellent counselor - I am extremely grateful for Lencsi's care and compassion. She knows me well and has been incredibly supportive in guiding me through some challenging times and life transitions. A very safe provider for folks in non-traditional relationships who are queer.
over 2 years ago
I look forward to my sessions with Lencsi. She is a great listener, while always giving me new perspectives to think about. Telemedicine has also made scheduling video calls much easier to weave into my busy life. I highly recommended Lencsi.
Alexis Rubenstein Lensci truly is the best! I have tried a few therapists over the years and it never took. Seeing her was a game changer! She has helped me become a less anxious, happier, and calmer me!
  • over 2 years ago
recommended by Alexis Rubenstein