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about 1 year ago
I use mine everyday 😭
about 1 year ago
We love our Vitamix! We have had the same one for almost 5 years! Worth every penny.
over 1 year ago
We absolutely love our Vitamix! We use it to make soups, purées, smoothies, etc. We have used the warranty because of so much use that the motor gave out! Vitamix honored the seven-year warranty and refurbished the unit for us! Highly recommend!
J V Did you have to pull teeth to get it refurbished?
  • 11 months ago
over 1 year ago
Another vote for Vitamix, there's really no comparison!
over 1 year ago
If you use it often, it's definitely worth investing in a Vitamix!
over 1 year ago
We have had our Vitamix for probably 15 years. There are various models, ours is one of the cheaper models, but it has been terrific. Early on, we had an issue (and I can't remember now what that issue was) and customer service was great. We shipped in a box they provided and we never had another issue.
over 1 year ago
We really love our Vitamix I have had it now for 7 years and still going strong. I have been even juicing with it over the passed few months and have now discovered a new way of using it. It is really worth the investment.
Cindy Hawkins Can't be without our Vitamix!
  • about 1 year ago
over 1 year ago
We probably use our Vitamix everyday, if not close to it. We use it to make smoothies most of the time. But I do use it to make soups as well. I also use the smaller container to make hummus and peanut butters. It can blend pretty much just about anything.
recommended by Shelby Suzanne


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