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Michael Stubbs

Pocatello, ID
I enjoy swimming in high mountain lakes and eating raspberries from my garden.
Joined 6 months ago
Tetris - Retro Mini Arcade Game
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Michael Recommends

Gerber Paraframe 1 Knife
Pocket Knife
This is a great little pocket knife. I bought it for my 13-year old daughter as her first knife before she took a backpacking trip with her Girl Scout troop. She needed a general-use knife. This one is excellent. It is sharp. It is safe. She used it for everything from minor pack repairs to whittling. It is easy to keep clean. It is easy to keep sharp. It is lightweight.
Helinox Chair One Camp Chair
Camping Chair
After using cheap, grocery store camp chairs or tripod stools for many years, I finally broke down and paid more money for a good camp chair. This one was a gift for my wife, and she loves it. The camp chair is lightweight and packs down small. This makes it easy to keep in the back of the car for a variety of activities from soccer games to picnics. It also fits easily in the car when we load enough gear for three days in the woods. We usually leave camp chairs out for longer trips because they end up taking up so much space. Not this chair. This chair is comfortable. It sets up in a minute or two. It takes down in even less time. It is stable. It is easy to get into and out of. I highly recommend it.
Icebreaker Merino Leggings
Base Layers
Before I climbed North America's tallest mountain, I bought two pair of Icebreaker's merino leggings. I wore each pair for 7 days straight. They kept me warm. They kept me dry. They didn't smell after 7 days of hard sweating and climbing. Each night, I could crawl into my sleeping bag in the merino base layers I had worn all day, and I slept great.
Icebreaker Merino Tech Lite T Shirt
Base Layers
Do you want a t shirt you can wear for ten days without washing? These merino wool t shirts will do the job. They do not absorb odors; therefore, they do not need to be washed after every use. I wear these shirts on a regular day, but I LOVE them for mountain climbs and long distance hikes. They dry quickly. They do not irritate my skin even when I am days away from a shower
Icebreaker Merino Underwear: Anatomica With Fly
Men's Underwear
Wool underwear good for intense exercise or everyday wear. I bought a couple of pairs of these shorts to wear under my leggings for winter runs. They wick well. They are warm. They are comfortable. I took them up Denali and wore them under my long johns. I stayed warm and dry. But you don't have to climb a mountain to wear these shorts. They are good for any activity.
Kamik Kids' Waterbug5 Snow Boot
We have often shod our kids in Kamik snow boots. Easy on, easy off, warm and dry.
New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Backpack
Running Shoes
I bought these shoes two weeks ago to replace another pair of New Balance shoes that I had worn out over the course of a year. I have run six miles a day for about five days a week (so about 10 days and 60 miles) in these shoes. I am happy with my purchase. New Balance is constantly changing the Fresh Foam line up, but each new model has worked rather well for my running style. They have lots of cushion. They stay tied. I do not get any blisters or hot spots. I can put several hundred miles on them before they need to be replaced.
Pair of Thieves Face Mask
Face Mask
I teach college. I need a mask that looks good and that won't slip off my face while I talk for an hour in front of a room of young adults. Pair of Thieves provides three masks for $15. The masks come in a variety of fashionable fabrics. They are double layered. They have a pocket for a disposable filter. They are easily adjustable. My kids have borrowed these and fit them without trouble. They wash easily without losing their shape. I am very happy with these masks.
Patagonia R1 Full Zip Hoodie
Women's Sweatshirts & Hoodies
When I was shopping for winter running gear, I bought this hoodie to accompany the pullover version. I wear it nearly every day. It is versatile. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor. It fits under my leather jacket for cold motorcycle rides. It fits under my puffer on cold camp outs. It is comfortable and good looking--I wear it while I teach school.
Patagonia R1 Pullover Hoodie
Men's Sweatshirts & Hoodies
I bought the R1 pullover hoodie last winter because I was freezing on my late-night winter runs (0-20 degrees). I pair this fleece with a wicking base layer, some wool socks, and running tights, and I can do six miles and stay warm. This fleece vents well and wicks moisture so even if I misjudge the weather and get a little warm, I don't overheat. This jacket is a must-have for cross-country ski trips and mountains climbs as well. It is the outer layer for high activity, and it is the mid-layer for hanging around summits and campsites.
Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter
My wife and I bought two of these scooters to keep up with our kids along the paved trails at our favorite campsite. We ended up using the scooters to haul gear to and from the campsite and even fought over who got to use the scooters to get work done. The larger wheels do an excellent job of providing more stability for adults (and even for adults carrying sleeping bags) than the original Razor scooters. We especially had fun riding the scooters downhill in the dark at night when we needed to use the outhouse. Other campers were jealous, and we had lots of fun.
Revolution 101 Balance Board
Balance Board
I was given this balance board about a year ago as a birthday present. I was looking for simple methods of exercise that I could do in cold weather within my small home. The balance board was perfect. It enhances many forms of exercise including pushups, curls, lunges, etc. It is also fun all by itself. My children and I play catch while balancing. We invent new games and contests. We performed timed challenges. When my kids are bored and the balance board is in the room, they get on it and play. This is what I was looking for, exercise that is easy and fun. Balance board time adapts to the user. This is a great product.
Sunglasses: Smith Longfin Elite
After 10+ years wearing the Smith District II sunglasses, I finally bought a new pair of shades. I loved my old ones, so this decision did not come lightly. The Longfin Elite sunglasses are excellent. They offer broad coverage from top to bottom and side to side. The "fin" from their name refers to a side fin that offers side-blockage. They are polarized. This glare-reducing feature really helps them to reduce eye strain. The nose and the ear pieces have rubber padding. This feature prevents the sunglasses from slipping much as a run for up to 3 hours at a time with them on or hike/climb for 12 hours. No matter how much I sweat and move, these glasses stay in place and stay comfortable. I really like them. Since I spend so much time outside in rugged conditions, it matters that these sunglasses are durable. I have worn them daily for five months, and they still do not have a scratch or any signs of wear. I appreciate that they have resisted scratches. These sunglasses are the right pair for anyone who spends a lot of time outside in rough conditions.
Wise Owl Outfitters Inflatable Camp Pillow
Camping Pillow
I finally decided that I was too old to sleep on a rolled up jacket on backpacking trips. This pillow provided an excellent and affordable way for me to keep a light pack and to sleep better. It folds up smaller than a pair of socks. It inflates to a size large enough to keep the cricks out of my neck. I love it. The pillow does not slip and slide through the night. It can fit inside the hood of my sleeping bag or sit nicely underneath. It is comfortable. It is affordable.
Wise Owl Outfitters Ultralight Hammock
I have been camping in a homemade hammock for the last five years, and I finally decided to try this one from Wise Owl Outfitters after I fell in love with their inflatable camping pillow. The hammock has exceeded my expectations. It cost around $30. Comparable hammocks cost around $60. This hammock is super light. I have thrown it in my backpack on several hikes and not noticed it was in there. It doesn't take up much space, and it weighs less than a pound. It comes with the straps that other companies charge extra for. It sets up in minutes. It is comfortable. It is strong.
ZGear Solar Bank: Battery/Charger
Power Storage
I recently went backpacking in Wyoming's Wind River mountains. I knew that I would be out for a while in rugged conditions. I needed a way to charge my phone so that I could take pictures and map my trail for the three days that I would be away. I bought this because it was cheap (on sale for $14) and, therefore, low risk. I topped off the power before I left home. I plugged in my phone and watch on night one and charged both to 100%. I hung the ZGear Solar Bank on my pack the next morning and let it passively charge while it dangled and I climbed. That same day I drained my watch to nearly zero, and used my phone to around 50%, so on night two, I charged both phone and watch again to 100%. This solar bank is durable. I was hiking and climbing in rough conditions. It swung from my pack while I hopped boulders and crawled through trees. It charged fully while I basically ignored it. It held enough power to charge my devices so that I could keep taking photos and running GPS.

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