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over 2 years ago
We bought this a few years back and it eventually made it's way into a closet, only to be forgotten about until recently. We pulled it out, and it became a little beacon during our days of sitting in front of our screens (remote learning/working). Whenever we had a few minutes, we'd challenge ourselves or just wobble around between zoom calls. Sometimes there was a line at the balance board. We actually found ourselves sore and forgetting we had exercised. Given we're all earning far fewer steps these days, it's been a fun way of playing indoors during this sedentary lapse in life.
almost 3 years ago
I was given this balance board about a year ago as a birthday present. I was looking for simple methods of exercise that I could do in cold weather within my small home. The balance board was perfect. It enhances many forms of exercise including pushups, curls, lunges, etc. It is also fun all by itself. My children and I play catch while balancing. We invent new games and contests. We performed timed challenges. When my kids are bored and the balance board is in the room, they get on it and play. This is what I was looking for, exercise that is easy and fun. Balance board time adapts to the user. This is a great product.
Meredith Fife I have a similar one and it has been great for the kids to have something to do during quarantine.
  • almost 3 years ago