Northgate Veterinary Clinic
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Northgate Veterinary Clinic

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over 2 years ago
We are very impressed with Northgate Veterinary Clinic. Our first appt was just to establish care and although my dog is healthy the vet gave us recommendations for better food to feed her, appreciated that extra care in her health. Fast forward a few months we rescue a dog and had his establishing care appt. The vet and staff were so helpful in setting up our vaccine schedule and overall future plan for his care. They obviously care about their pets!
over 4 years ago
Dr Phillips and the staff are rockstars. Our golden retriever has been going there since we got him as a puppy. Excellent care, knowledgable, and willing to work with you. Our dog has had a few accidents over the years and the team always patches him up good :)
recommended by Shannon A
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