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over 2 years ago
One of the most essential items on our guide to success is an Apple Ipad Mini. Our boys rarely get tablet time, so when we are making our 13-hour road trip to Illinois from Colorado, the Ipad is a necessity to keep them mostly occupied and allow for the time to go by quicker. I prefer the Ipad mini because it is very parent and child friendly. You can enable guided access for younger children, so they are able to access only the applications you allow, or you can give them a little more freedom. It’s easy for them to learn how to use, can be used with or without internet access, and the battery life is great.

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over 2 years ago
Use mine everyday. Hoping to upgrade this year to a Pro
over 2 years ago
I purchased one of these for my small business and love to utilize it for shop transactions and administrative needs!
almost 3 years ago
Perfect sized tablet for all your needs! From streaming your favorite services to reading your digital books, this tablet does it all! Affordable, will not break the bank and compactable to fit in any backpack or purse!