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over 1 year ago
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over 1 year ago
I bought this watch as a birthday gift for the wife, she loved it, so she got me one for Christmas, yeah... it might not have all the bells and whistles, but it's perfect for me, just right.
almost 2 years ago
I wasn't ready to get the latest edition of the apple watches, but this one so far has been great. It has all the things I need. I was a huge fan of the polar brand but having one that would track my activity and syncs perfectly with my phone is great.
about 2 years ago
There are clearly other options on the market but it's my first Apple Watch and I'm very happy with it! I spend a lot of time working on social media so it's nice to have a less annoying way to receive notifications without distracting me from offline activities. And I love the reminders to stand up and BREATHE!
Gwen Jewiss I have the Apple Watch 6, & love it! The BREATHE portion is my absolute favorite! I confess that I don't have all of the mechanisms figured out & often miss setting my exercise recording when swimming, but great for when reaching for the phone isn't practical.
  • about 2 years ago
over 2 years ago
This is such a great piece of technology! I got this for Chirstmas and it has been the best motivates and useful tool while I'm working out! Making sure I complete my daily rings gets me so motivated and keeps me active. If anyone is looking to boost their workouts and training this would be the best recommendation because it helps with both of those things! Definitely a device I'd buy again!
over 2 years ago
This watch is a necessity at my job. Helps me stay in communication with others while I work with my hands
almost 3 years ago
I gifted my family the gift of technology for Christmas this year. For someone who ALWAYS carries their phone, this is a great solution. You can leave it at home on accident and still be able to use your watch to call, text or walkie talkie people! Great gift for all your techies!
Carol Mullins Christmas came went, Birthday came and went, no Apple Watch. Perhaps Mother's Day - otherwise, I'll have to get it myself
  • over 2 years ago
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