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over 1 year ago
This mop and vacuum combo is a time saver! I love it!
Brittany Menestrina Great product!
  • over 1 year ago
over 2 years ago
really good at picking up hair!
over 2 years ago
I have 3 dogs and this does absolute wonders for keeping my floors clean!
over 2 years ago
I just picked this up this weekend and it's a life changing product. So glad I splurged a little.
over 2 years ago
This vacuum is the best I have ever used. We use it in the vet clinic I work at and it is the only thing that actually picks up all of the hair. The best part is that it mops the floor at the same time. Such an efficient and high powered vacuum. I refuse to use anything else.
over 2 years ago
The Bissell Crosswave is my go to for a quick clean up. Perfect for spot cleaning or cleaning the whole kitchen the Bissell gets the job done. Picks up dog fur, grass, dust and dirt while mopping up any spills or spots on the floor. Great for when there is a spill and I don't want to break out the big vacuum.
over 2 years ago
I have a Bissel Crosswave that is amazing for wet mopping and vacuuming at the same time. Yes you have to push it around but it gets my floors so clean - also can freshen up carpet in the wet vac mode.
recommended by Katie Taylor