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over 2 years ago
We ordered these right after shutting down and sending everyone to work from home. These are the best for work at home experiences. Super comfortable. Ive caught myself forgetting to take them off even after meetings.
over 2 years ago
Got myself a pair of these after trying my partner's. Amazing sound and noise cancelling for working from home and being out and about.
over 2 years ago
Great headphones for working from home. Especially like how well others hear me
almost 3 years ago
Bose has been making Noise Cancelling Headphones longer than anyone else, and the NC 700s have an excellent sound quality and noise cancellation, plus 20 hours of battery life. I have found the controls of the Bose headphones very intuitive and easy to use. Bose also has an app for the headphones, which is pretty good. It will update the software and also let you connect and disconnect from different devices. They are very light and easy to pack.

Why Bose over AirPods Pros? Two reasons really. 1) For long flights over 4 hours, you need better battery life. 2). Better noise cancellation - the AirPods are excellent at providing noise cancellation in places you would not usually carry large headphones, but the Bose crush them on a long haul flight.