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Chosen Foods Avocado Spray

Chosen Foods Avocado Spray

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over 1 year ago
We're always using the stove for multiple meals throughout the day and rely on this spray to keep our pans free from food stick. We prefer this over the traditional Pam or Olive Oil Sprays as it is healthier, less greasy and doesn't soak the food in a weird taste. Don't be deterred by the price tag the switch will be worth it- pinkie promise!
Elissa Tompkins Ooo! I need this
  • over 1 year ago
Victoria Grinde I’m gonna have to try this out!
  • over 1 year ago
Natasha Willis Do you know what the cooking temperature on this is? Is it higher than olive oil?
  • over 1 year ago
Mandi Pacer Natasha Willis looks like it's good for high heat up to 500 degrees :)
  • over 1 year ago
Mandi Pacer And you don't get the scary splashback like you do with grease and olive oil.
  • over 1 year ago
Lindsey S This is good to know! We constantly use the stove too and use Pam, but love the sound of this one. Will try it!
  • over 1 year ago
Liz Stella We have this on rotation, found two-packs of large cans available at which has made purchases easier on the wallet!
  • about 1 year ago
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