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over 1 year ago
over 2 years ago
Purchased this on a whim and love it! I have very bad hay day allergies and this year has been way better because of this little gadget
Cindy Happel Hey, this is so good to know. Have 2 cats, 2 dogs and undefined allergies at any given time. I wonder if this will work in my household? Def. looking into it.
  • over 2 years ago
almost 3 years ago
In Western Washington wildfire smoke is always an issue in the late summer and my home doesn't have a central air heating or cooling system so indoor air purifiers are a must have. I had some friends that recommended the Coway products to help mitigate the smoke and this version was also the top rated by Wirecutter. I'm so happy I bought it. It was undersized for the space we have, but it was all we could get on short notice. I really liked that it has an indicator of current air quality and then automatically speeds up and slows down to adjust for what's needed. After the smoke left, we repainted a dresser in our garage and nearly fumigated ourselves out of the house. I hooked this up in the garage and it cleared out the air rather quickly. I'll be buying a bigger one of these for the living room and moving this one to my bedroom.
Jennifer Kyle We definitely have the wildfire smoke as a recurring issue - I’m adding this to my Christmas list
  • almost 3 years ago
almost 3 years ago
Where to even begin? These are so amazing I own 4 of them! We have one in every room! We use to suffer from unrelenting allergy problems (we lived in Texas) and these made a world of difference in an apartment that didn't have central air or high quality air filtration. Now that we live in the PNW these are still valuable for the seasonal smoke! We barely noticed the smoke having these in our apartment.

You have to regularly clean the filters of dust/hair (especially if you own pets) but if you do that you'll have no issues with reliability. We've been running these for nearly 5 years and have had zero problems. Convenient filter replacement packs may seem expensive but given how much they improve personal health.. is a very small price to pay. Unless you have central air with good quality filters... you should be using air purifiers! Get these!
almost 3 years ago
When you unbox the Airmega 300, you immediately sense the time and care that went into the design. It feels like unboxing an Apple product. The materials were lovingly chosen and it all slots together in a satisfying way.

When you switch it on, it automatically detects how much filtering is required for your air. It'll run on high until your air is clean, and then back off to a quieter mode. I put it right by our front door. When Seattle was slammed with wildfire smoke, each time I opened the door the Airmega would kick into high gear for a minute before settling down again. It really makes you feel like your air is clean. Immensely satisfying.

Internally, it has a couple of high quality HEPA filters to strain out the dirty wildfire smoke. If you can afford it, definitely pick one of these up for wildfire season. Don't wait until fire season, because you won't be able to find one!

We also bought a couple of smaller Coways for other parts of the house. The build quality is just as good and they seem to run the same software, but they are built for fewer square feet.

Highly recommended.
almost 3 years ago
Great, easy to use, cheap replacement filters and just works. You see the fires this summer? You need one of these for each bedroom