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over 2 years ago
Our dog trainer is the one who recommended this collar. It's nice knowing that you are able to have calmer walks and not feel like you are strangling your dog.
over 2 years ago
I have an eleven month old Aussie puppy that just gets SO excited and pulls constantly! It seems like I have tried every kind of harness out there. This is the only thing that keeps her from tugging me along on our walks.
over 2 years ago
This little collar/leash was a game changer. With two strong willed Shepherd/Lab pups, who love to run after squirrels at the park, walking them without getting pulled was a challenge. A trainer suggested this little collar and immediately the pulling stopped. I would recommend this for anyone needing to train your dog not to pull.
over 2 years ago
With two large dogs that are strong pullers, these training restraints work wonders
Carol Mullins This was a game changer in two big dogs pulling toward the squirrels running across the paths.
  • over 2 years ago
over 2 years ago
We have two big dogs who aren't usually well-behaved on walks, but with these it's like walking completely different dogs
recommended by Cortnie Combs