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Nadia L'Bahy

Always looking for the most sustainable option. Lover of thrifting, vegan eats, and a million hobbies.
Joined 2 months ago
Aquaphor Lip Protectant + Sunscreen
Roden + Fields - Lash Boost
Moonlit Skincare Face Mask
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Aquabliss Shower Filter
We had really hard water that was tough on skin & hair. This shower filter did not cost much and helped a lot!
A really fun game for big groups to get people talking/drinking!
Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar
Skin Care
I love how gentle this cleanser is! It's fragrance-free and I like that since it's a bar there isn't any plastic packaging.
This site is like LinkedIn or Indeed for finding careers that specifically address climate change. There are thousands of jobs at really cool startups doing important work!
Colgate Optic White
I've been using this toothpaste for almost a decade now and I swear by it
Country Crock Plant Butter
Great in anything that needs butter! I like that it stays soft even when refrigerated
Dip Well Acrylic Dip Set
@sonia_lbahy bought this and has been giving the whole family professional dip manicures for way less than the salon price. They hold up well and really protect the nail!
I love that duo has podcasts, stories, and competitions in addition to lessons to keep things interesting
Everlane Jeans
Women's Jeans
I love that these jeans are sustainable and ethically made! I rarely buy new clothes, but made an exception for these really durable, well-fitting black ankle jeans.
Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Bread
This stuff is extremely healthy, full of protein and fiber. You do have to keep it in the freezer or it will go bad quickly
Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Ginger Beer
This is by far the best ginger beer I've ever had. It's spicier than it is sweet, and very low in calories without any fake sweeteners. I also love that it's packaged in glass instead of plastic.
Field Roast Mushroom Balsamic Plant Based Deli Slices
These savory plant-based deli slices are really good in a vegan panini!
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11
I got mine as a gift years ago and it still works perfectly and takes really cute pictures
Gentle Leader Head Collar
Dog Collar
We have two big dogs who aren't usually well-behaved on walks, but with these it's like walking completely different dogs
Gold Bond Healing Foot Hand and Body Lotions
This is the only lotion that I've found really makes a difference when my skin is extremely dry in the winter
Hydrapeak 1l Water Bottle
Water Bottle
My sister got me one from Marshall's and I love it! It keeps my water really cold
Kindle Paperwhite
Mine is backlit, which I love for reading in the dark on car rides and in bed. They're really light and comfortable to hold, and I like being able to see my progress in a book. The older versions sell on Ebay for like $30 and are just as good as the newer ones!
Laroche Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Sunscreen
This sunscreen dries immediately and is completely non-greasy. It prevents breakouts throughout the day and keeps my skin really matte
Love accessing library books through my kindle!
This language learning app offers hundreds of stories in your target language and lets you save any words you don't know. It then prompts you to practice them as you move through the story. It has really helped me with reading and listening comprehension!
Move With Nicole Youtube Series
Fitness Videos
I like to do her pilates workouts when I want to work on strength instead of cardio. Her moves are tough, but they also incorporate stretching, so I always feel better afterwards.
Nars Soft Matte
I like my concealer on the thicker side for blemishes and find that this concealer blends and lasts very well. Even though it is pricey, a little goes a long way and this small container has lasted me years.
Nasoya Organic Vegan Tofu Vegetable Dumplings
We just got these at Market Basket the other night and ate them in a curry--so good!
Neutrogena HydroBoost Extra-Dry Moisturizer
I love Neutrogena HydroBoost Extra-Dry moisturizer--it absorbs really fast and offers a lot of relief.
Nine Pin Ginger
This ginger apple cider is my favorite drink at the moment. I love ginger, and this cider is perfectly spicy & sweet
Outdoor Voices Leggings
I love that these leggings are sustainable & ethical and come in so many fun colors and patterns!
Relax Melodies
I love the nature sounds and white noise for falling asleep, and how they go on for hours until you close the app.
Reusable Sandwich Bags Snack Bags
Silicone Reusable Bags
Love that they're dishwasher safe!
I use the Rocketbook Core and am really happy with it! I love how easily the ink wipes away and having all of my notes saved to the cloud.
Seventh Generation Free & Clear Laundry
Laundry Detergent
Fragrance-free laundry detergent is better for health, skin, and the environment, so we always use Free & Clear
Sharpie Gel Highlighter
I like the ones with clear tips so you can see the line you're highlighting through the highlighter
Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almonds
One of my favorite snacks! More almond than chocolate, but still sweet!
Smart Wool Socks
Incredibly warm and comfortable!
Sydney Cummings Youtube Hiit Workouts
Fitness Videos
I'm not a big fan of running, so I'm always looking for cardio that can be done anywhere without equipment. I love Sydney's workouts because they're fun and challenging.
Tapped Apple Hard Cider
The cranberry cider is amazing!
The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion
Skin Care
This was the most impactful addition to my skincare routine. It's anti-aging and made a huge difference preventing breakouts. It's also really affordable!
Trader Joe's Chili & Lime Rolled Corn Chips
Similar to Takis, but way better
Trader Joe's Pretzel Bagels
These are chewy, a little salty, and really good
Travelpro Platinum Elite 25-Inch Spinner Suiter
Durable and easy to wheel around
TruSkin Vitamin C Serum
Face Oil
Vegan for Everybody
You really can't go wrong with the recipes in this book. They're all amazing and pretty creative!
Vicks Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
Works well and has held up over the years
Winfrey's Chocolates
My boyfriend got me an assorted box of these chocolates for Valentine's Day and they were amazing! The company is family owned and based in MA and their chocolate is really high quality
Zotos All About Curls Daily Cream Conditioner
Hair Care
Lightweight, sulfate free, smells great!

Special Occasions

This is such a cute shop carrying lots of handcrafted gifts by local artists. They also have the best sour candy I've ever had. Sometimes they aren't open when they say they are online, so I'd recommend calling ahead of time
Cafe Landwer
Amazing vegan options and a huge menu!
Cantina La Mexicana
Delicious Mexican food in Union Square!
Casa B
Really good tapas and space for outdoor dining when the weather is nice!
Crane & Turtle
This Japanese artisanal shop has a lot of really nice kitchenware, tea, and little stationary items that would make nice gifts!
Dali is the first place I will go once I start eating indoors again. The interior/atmosphere is a fun collage of art, mirrors and decorative figurines--there's a lot to look at! The tapas, drinks and dessert are all amazing.
Dosa n Curry
Amazing Indian vegetarian food! Can't go wrong ordering from here
Best plant-based ice-cream I've ever had
Really fun improv comedy shows!
The food and lattes here are really good. It is pricy for the portion sizes, but also very rich and filling. I got the chocolate mousse and it was amazing.
Koshari Mama
I got the mushroom shwerma sandwich and it was really good! And the bow market atmosphere made it even better
Martsa on Elm
I had never tried Tibetan food and was blown away by Martsa on Elm. So many options and they were all really good
Momo N Curry
I love Indian food and this is no exception!
Neighborhood Restaurant
Love coming here for breakfast/brunch. The amount of food they give you for the price is incredible. Every breakfast comes with a baked apple, an assortment of baked goods, and a massive main portion. I asked for berries with my pancakes and they gave me an entire bowl of fresh berries free of charge.
Highly recommend this Patagonia in Harvard Square. Their shop was definitely set up with COVID in mind, and I felt very safe while there. The staff were very friendly and helpful, and I like that their products are sustainable and built to last.
Red Lentil Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant
We went here for Valentine's Day last year and it was incredible! The whole menu is vegan and everyone there was so nice. Can't wait to go back post-covid.
Remnant Brewing Coffee and Beer
Located in Bow Market, this brewery has a nice courtyard area for outdoor dining.
Really yummy vegan/vegetarian junk food and beer!
My favorite place to get salads. The dressings are so good and the portions are generous!
Tatte Bakery & Cafe
I really like the Shakshuka here!
The Mad Monkfish
Great atmosphere & sushi, and sometimes they have live music!
Toro Boston
Delicious tapas and drinks and a very warm outdoor patio!
Variety Bar
They have lots of really unique cocktail options available to-go and for indoor or outdoor dining. I got the Mexican hot chocolate with brandy and it was really good!
Veggie Galaxy
Veggie Galaxy has a really cool interior/vibe, and really really good vegan junk food. They do brunch as well as dinner and have a huge menu.
Veggie Grill
Veggie Grill has a huge selection of vegan junk food/comfort food--burgers, subs, nachos, wings, etc.
Wild Child Wine & Books
Book Store
Wild Child sells a collection of new and used books curated with an emphasis on diverse authors & stories. They also have a monthly wine and book subscription with remote book club meetings.


American Provisions
Black Earth Compost
Recycling Services
Affordable & reliable door to door compost collector & provider
Blue Bandana Relics
It's so hard to find good consignment for men, but this place really delivers. They have a huge assortment of vintage and army surplus mens' clothing, plus a million other things to look through: candles, vintage magazines and records, camp gear, mugs, wall art, super cool card decks. A great place to go to find unique gifts!
Buffalo Exchange
This is THE BEST place to go for trendy secondhand clothing. They have pretty generous payout for sellers as well, 30% in cash or 50% in store credit. There are so many great like-new items that it can be overwhelming!
Esther Califano
House Cleaner
H Mart
H Mart has the biggest selection of Asian food/ingredients. Their produce is really fresh and there's a huge variety of different vegetables that are harder to find elsewhere. Out front there are a couple cafes/restaurants which I haven't yet tried.
Hay Market
Hay market has a huge variety of fruits & vegetables for really cheap in the summer
High Energy Vintage
Full of really cool vintage clothing, records, cameras and knick knacks. They carry a lot of really high quality and unique coats and jeans. A fun place to look around, even if you don't end up buying anything!
North End Fish Market
Seafood Market
This place is a literal hole in the wall. It's tiny and only does takeout, but has a huge selection of rolls, sashimi and nigiri.
Raspberry Beret
Has 2 floors of really unique vintage pieces. Shopping here is just a fun experience!
Probably half of my closet is from ThredUp. They have a huge selection of clothing, including activewear, much of which is NWT or like new.
Urban Renewals
The prices here cannot be beat. I found so many really cute tops for $.50-2.00 each. The only downsides are that they're cash-only and VERY crowded on the weekends.







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