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about 1 year ago
I was given this as a gift, but it's made sleeping AND waking up a lot more pleasant. An incredibly calm wake up alarm that doesn't give you PTSD. A noise machine that, could be louder, but still gets the job done.
over 2 years ago
We got a Hatch alarm clock for Christmas and are hooked! It has been worth the slightly higher price point.
over 2 years ago
The Hatch does it all!
over 2 years ago
We are a Hatch family, so I love the Hatch Restore Sleep Sound Machine. It's pricey but I was running into the issue of checking my phone for the time, seeing some notification that then made my mind race and would keep me awake. I love that it can subtly wake me up when it's time as well so I don't need to have my phone anywhere near me!
recommended by Katie Taylor