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Native Plastic-Free Deodorant

Native Plastic-Free Deodorant

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5 months ago
I've tried *a lot* of natural deodorants in my time that have made me smell a little too funky by the end of the day. But not Native! This deodorant lasts all day, comes in incredible seasonal scents, and doesnt irritate my underarms. My favorite fragrances are the coconut & vanilla, cucumber & mint, and the vanilla & chai. And they get bonus points for going plastic free!
Amy Woidtke They have been in my list to try bc they have a plastic free option - and they sell at Target which is so convenient. Thank you for the review. I’m even more excited now!
  • 5 months ago
5 months ago
Native is a consumer favorite deodorant known for its clean ingredients (aluminum, paraben, and sulfate-free). They recently launched their plastic-free deodorant line. Native offers variety of great scents to choose from, and you can subscribe and save through their website!

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5 months ago
I've tried them all, and Native does not give me a rash, and it works. Native Vanilla Coconut seems to be the most popular scent, plus they offer a no plastic container option. Love that!
5 months ago
My recommend Native. Natural and comes in great scents.
5 months ago
I wear Native deodorant. I've tried other brands but Native is the only one that doesn't leave an oily residue on my shirts. It doesn't prevent me from sweating which is negative for living in Arizona, but it's the only deodorant that I get continuous coverage for the body odor. I love all the different scents to choose from especially their most recent choices and it's always free shipping from their website. Last year I ordered from them in the summer and it melted (Arizona heat). They replaced it with no problems. Great customer service.
5 months ago
I use Native and I got it for my tween kids too. It works really well, you still do sweat, but you're stink free! Yay! They just came out with zero plastic packaging as well if that is important to you. Loads of really pleasant, not perfume-y scents which I like.
6 months ago
This was given to me as a gift over a year ago and I was hooked! It's a great natural, aluminum free deodorant. The coconut & vanilla is my favorite and not too overwhelming of a scent.
Jordan Cook Nice, I was scared to try this brand because so far only tom’s hasn’t given me a bad reaction as far as the natural brands go
  • 6 months ago


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