The best bikes of 2023

Josh Bean - Canyon has quickly become my favorite bike manufacturer. They make awesome bikes and because they're direct-to-consumer you get a better deal on a super high-specc'd bike. Comparable bikes from Specialized or Cannondale with roughly equal component builds are often 20-25% more expensive. That bei...
Kennedy Kirkland - Ideal if you are a hiking and adventure fan
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Z M - I had a Giant hybrid bike for ~ 5 years and never had any issues with it. It was perfect for city commutes and gravel bike paths.
J V - I love my Giant Hybrid XL, it is super comfortable and easy on my back.
Karline Nogales - I'm in love with this lightweight bike and silent freewheel. I like to exercise, and since the weather is getting warm, biking is a great option for me. Also, I'm a petite woman, and I found a size - small - that is just perfect for my body type.
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Carol Mullins - Vey light weight, shock absorbers on the handles and seat, beefy enough for panniers and tie-downs. the seat is very comfortable. I also like the fact that I can ride on paved trails, streets, grass and dirt trails.
Liz Stella - I got an urban commuter Del Sol bike and I love it. It's a good hybrid and I ended up with some customizations (changed the handlebar to an FSA Metropolis handlebar which is more ergonomic). The whole design is pretty unisex.
Adam Tratt - I've put over 4000 miles on my Focus Jarifa electric bike which I use for just about everything... From running errands, to pleasure rides, to commuting (back when that was a thing). Couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Charity Jedeikin - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Linus bike! I use it recreationally, just as you would. I feel like I'm flying every time I get on it; it makes me so happy. I have the Pronto 8s
Catherine Hazen - Our daughter learned to ride her first "big girl" bike this summer and we have been so happy with it! It's easily adjustable and very sturdy. It has held up well living the "toddler life" ;) The basket on the front is an added bonus for her stuffies to ride along too!
Byron Lee - The Ultimate Dad Bike. It's a hybrid between a mountain bike, a bmx, and a cruiser. You can ride like a kid, with your kids, in comfort. It has fat tires and gears. I've had it for a year, and two different guys at the bike shop told me they're building one like it.
Kristie Presten - I've had this carbon fiber road bike now for 7 years and I absolutely love it! The secret to a good bike is fit. The Amira is lightweight and made for racing, but she'll go wherever you take her!
Kristin Sherman - I love my Specialized Roll Sport Strep Thru Comfort Bike. My back and wrists can't handle leaning over on a mountain bike. This sits me upright and the step through feature is great. It's like a beach cruiser with a sporty feel and comfortable ride.
Soledad Gonzalez - Trek is a great brand of bikes. We are specially happy with the kids ones. Sturdy, good design and easily adjustable to growing kids.
Victoria Grinde - Love that I went with a hybrid bike! I’m not a big mountain biker but I will do some trails. The hybrid bike rides so smoothly. Worth every penny.

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