The best running gear of 2023

Victoria Grinde - This belt is great and my favorite for running! It doesn't move around and have to constantly messed with!
Melissa Gallagher - I bought the Spibelt on a whim, and used it for a good while before considering that I could do better... it's not the coolest looking waist belt to sport on your runs. So I bought an arm band to put my phone in. And I hated it. So I bought another one. And another one. Until I had tried all the ...
Victoria Grinde - If I am running with a small tank/sports bra... this is great! it isn't huge or heavy.
Jessica Graham - The Koala Clip is a game changer for women, for bringing your phone with you while exercising when you don't have pockets. The pouch is sweatproof/waterproof, and I've wore it in a marathon in the pouring rain with no water damage to my phone, and no chafing damage to me.
Meredith Fife - I wanted something reflective to keep me safe on my runs in the early morning hours. This vest is great. It has several different settings with color choices and there is no mistaking when someone is coming down the road. I feel a lot safer with it on.
Jessica Graham - The Tracer360 vest is an essential part of my morning and evening run gear, from fall until the sun returns in the spring. The vest is super lightweight, easily adjustable, and is battery powered. The vest can flash or have solid colors, and stands out for not just having reflective taping but ac...
Victoria Grinde - I use my buff headwear for both a mask and headband. It's breathable. It fits nicely. and stays in its place!
Jessica Graham - Buff headwear can be worn lots of different ways: a headband, headscarf, bandana, and in these days, a mask! It's just a tubular knit piece of fabric so it's easy to wear around your neck and then pull up to cover your mouth and nose when you need to come close to others to pass on the trail.
Victoria Grinde - Perfect accessory for running if you have to bring your phone with you! It doesn't slip and slide all over. It stays in places. Fits nicely.
Tom Laramee - I like this belt because I can position the water on my side (by rotating the belt), so it's extremely comfortable, but it's also a really simple belt, and simple is good. The version of this that has a zipper is the superior choice, as the velcro version allows the water to slip out from time to...
Jessica Graham - This running vest is great for longer runs or trail days, where you need to carry more water and extra snacks. The 12L capacity pack is super lightweight and can utilize both a bladder and front bottles. There are lots of pockets and the vest is adjustable so you can get a secure fit with no boun...
Jessica Graham - Chafe happens! Squirrel's Nut Butter prevents chafing and blisters, and is made with all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E oil. It helps stop chafe and blisters both from the heat and sweating, but also from being wet with waterlogged shoes on a rainy run.
Lindsey S - I love that these socks give just the right amount of cushion and do not slip down while I'm running and working out.
Ngozi Musa - I don't leave my house without my fast and free run belt! I used to run with a traditional arm band, but I made the switch and will never switch back! It's super lightweight and can hold my phone, keys, and energy gel if I need it to!

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