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The best softwares of 2021

Carly Dreme Calbreath - Game changing short video app for the workplace.
Jennifer Haller - We're really happy with Gusto. Employees find the onboarding process smooth and intuitive. Management of employee documents and digital signatures is very easy. Support has been good (although we do have an outstanding issue on a tax issue that they have yet to address - presumably their tax team...
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Victoria Grinde - We recently purchased the Italian, French, and Spanish packages. We started the Spanish first and we are doing it as a family. It is presented in a format that is easy to use and understand! I can't wait to get further into and see what I learn/retain.
Michael Lafears - Rosetta Stone is always a go to option for learning a new language!
Joyce Ling - This is an incredible budgeting app that uses a zero-based budgeting system to keep track of your money. I freaking love having a more hands-on approach with my spending, rather than something automated like Mint. It also does well if you have money in multiple places and need to see all your mon...
Carly Canter - Working from home is the new normal. We use everything Microsoft 365. Outlook is by far the best email platform I have ever dealt with. The Calendar functions sync to all their other programs as well! Great way to get AND stay organized!
Julie Joyce - An easy and straight forward online tax filing site. I use this every year to file my mom’s taxes. The information carries through year after year so you don’t have to do repeat entries every year. You can purchase different upgrades depending on how complicated your taxes may be.
Elissa Tompkins - I use this for my small business and love that it’s all cloud based. It’s affordable and has a lot of the same features as the bigger software companies. It also has a very helpful app.
Edward Nevraumont - If you spend a lot of time on gmail and you have an iphone, you should at least consider using Superhuman. It is my second favorite piece of software I use. It's not cheap- $30/month-but it really is worth it. Easily saves me $1/day in effort and time...If you want to try it for free for a month,...
Nate Gowdy - I’ve noticed over the years that most photography courses first introduce students to Adobe Photoshop, which can be overwhelming and confusing to jump into initially. I prefer to steer beginners and dabblers toward Lightroom Classic, which is so much more intuitive to learn and get a hang of. I’v...
Jonathan Wu - Rippling is a bit more expensive, but you can get 30-40% off their list price with a little prodding. It's a bit more complex of a product, a bit overkill for an early stage company, but it has a more integrated flow for w2, hourly, domestic, international. I went with Rippling so I wouldn't need...

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