The best yogurts of 2023

Karline Nogales - Thick texture and delicious. I love it.
Adam Wisnewski - 5% - With fruit, it's my go-to dessert
Natasha Willis - This stuff is like actual dessert. So good!
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Meena Caputo - This is the best non dairy yogurt! A female owned small business that has been recently popping off, I found Culina on Instagram and I absolutely love it! The yogurt is a little pricey but worth it and I like to treat myself every once and a while!
Megan Sammons - I love using this yogurt in my smoothies!
Kristie Presten - This is my hands-down favorite yogurt brand! Low on carbs, sugars and calories per serving. It has 14 grams of protein per serving as well, which keeps me feeling full and satisfied until my next meal.
Mandi Pacer - Breakfast on the go! Throw some dried fruits and granola in with this creamy greek yogurt and you're set until lunchtime.
Karline Nogales - Yummy! I drink a cup of kefir every single day, and this one is my favorite. It's affordable and delicious.
Zoe Gregorace - Lavva makes great tasting plant-based yogurts. You can find their products at Whole Foods!
Danielle Williams - Probably the BEST yogurt I have had thus far. The yogurt is both thick, yet smooth and absolutely delicious.
Test Out - Favorite yogurt! Helps with my protein intake and i mix it with a little honey and cinnamon!
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