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Augustina Liu
over 2 years ago • Seattle

Any recommendation for kitchen organizing kit?

My friend's birthday is coming soon and she asked me to give her a kitchen organizing kit(basically everything that can organize cooking stuff). I usually just reuse the delivery boxes or shopping bags to organize my kitchen so I know nothing about the organizing kit. Any recommendations? Thank you!
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over 2 years ago
Great gift idea! I think I would start at the Container Store. They have a lot of great ideas and hacks that can get you started. There are also some great containers and bins that OXO makes that would be great for your flours and sugars. Good luck!
over 2 years ago
Thank you Meredith!
over 2 years ago
The Pyrex food storage containers are amazing, and oven-safe for reheating leftovers (just leave off the plastic lid). They nest inside each other, so they take less shelf space. There are many options for the number of pieces you want (keep in mind, the lids are included as pieces, so a 14-piece set is really only 7 containers). I also got a set of Salt stainless steel airtight canisters to store my flours sugars and coffee beans. I also have some simple tall airtight plastic containers to store my various bags of snacks and cereals, because boxes take up a lot of shelf space.
see - Pyrex
over 2 years ago
 Wow, thank you Travis for such a detailed explanation!! I'll take a look at this set.
over 2 years ago
I have used and love these products for organizing client's kitchens. We use primarily renewable and recyclable products, however many come in plastics, when people prefer them.

Bamboo Expandable Shelving - This is great for larger items like tea boxes, jars, cans, etc.

Bamboo Expanding Spice Shelf - So you can see wtf is in the back of the cabinet!

Bamboo Lazy Susan, 10 inch - Great for deep, high, hard to reach and awkward corner spaces...or countertops! (Comes in larger sizes too.)

OXO Metal Pot and Lid Organizer - For vertical storage and easier access.

OXO Cutting Board and Baking Pans/Trays - For vertical storage and easier access.

Bamboo Drawer Dividers - Give things sections or keep a drawer insert from sliding around

Bamboo Utensil Organizer - For upright, usually countertop large utensils

Expandable Utensil Organizer, Small -

Expanding Utensil Organizer, Large -

Bamboo Starter Kit - Individual organizers to tetris together in a drawer
over 2 years ago
Wow incredible! Thank you Amy for sharing your list!
over 2 years ago
It's my pleasure. If there is anything you are looking for that isn't here, drop me a line. I will send you whatever resources I have!
over 2 years ago
Pyrex/tupperware probably deserves it's own thread! Best tip I've picked up - avoid getting lots of different sizes. As time goes on and you lose the lids or loan to friends, you will wish you only had a handful of sizes. Worth spending extra to get glass instead of plastic.
over 2 years ago
Great tip! I do have many containers without lids, which makes me sad. Thank you Adam!
over 2 years ago
I love these fridge organizers that help add compartments and storage without stacking your containers too high.
over 2 years ago