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Zoe Gregorace
12 days ago • Brookline

Best grip yoga mat?

In light of the pandemic, I have been working out at home a lot and am so frustrated. If you have any experience with slippery yoga mats, you feel my pain. I'm in the market for a soft yoga/workout mat that has a no-slip grip!
8 replies
11 days ago
Do you work out on your mat barefoot or shoes? I love my Gaiam yoga mat. I haven't had any issues with slipping and I work out in both my tennis shoes and bare feet. Check Marshall's, TJ Maxx, Target, etc before you use the Gaiam website. You'll save some money!
  • 12 days ago
I have one of the Lululemon reversible mats (I think the 3mm thickness but not 100% sure) and it's much less slippery than the other mats I've owned. I would recommend!
  • 12 days ago
Zoe, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my chakra mat from ALO YOGA. I bought it a year ago because I was going through mats like crazy, at least 3 a year. This one has lasted me and I love it. Its so wonderful because if you are using it for yoga, it has the markers to help you maintain consistency in your practice.
  • 12 days ago
My husband and I decided to each invest in different highly recommended mats. I got the Jade Yoga mat. It's great for no-slip. I have a thinner one, so I'd recommend their Fusion. My only complaint is that it does have a slight rubbery smell, which I don't love. It's worth noting that they're eco-friendly, so it's not a hazardous smell. It's also not awful, but for the first 5 min it bugs me. My husband has the Lululemon XL mat. He's quick to perspire, and the mat has served him well. During hot Yoga or extreme sessions, he has a hot yoga towel that goes over the mat that helps with moisture and slippage.
  • 12 days ago
Lululemon mat is great!
  • 12 days ago
My favorite is the Manduka. I've had it for years and it looks new. Very cushioned, two sides depending on floor you're on.
  • 11 days ago
I second the Manduka!!! Really love mine!
  • 11 days ago
Third the Manduka, worth the extra $
  • 11 days ago

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