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Melinda Lane
5 months ago • Madison Park
Dentists who specialize in anxious patients?
I've tried nitrous, meditation, visualization, and soothing music—nothing quells my anxiety at the dentist. I had a sort of understanding with my last dentist that I was going to freak out and he was going to be patient and we'd get through it together. However, he recently retired. So I am looking for a new dentist who specializes in anxious patients, or at least has a tolerance for them. Any suggestions?
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3 months ago
Try Seattle Special Care Dentistry. They specialize in patients with all types of medical challenges like autism. seattlespecialcaredentistry...
Dentist - University District
  • 5 months ago
Hi Melinda, I can totally relate. I hate the dentist and I'm still searching for that special someone to help me with all my hopes and fears. My last dentist drilled down on a root canal before I was numb and sent my body through the ceiling. So, I too am interested in this topic. Here is what I have learned:

I know that Innovative Dentistry used to have a therapy dog that helped out around the office for people like us, however, the dog retired with his owner a year or two ago. The office still tries to meet the demand of patients with anxiety by using nitrous oxide, weighted blankets, and other tools.

Fidler on the Tooth (what a great name right?) has some great recommendations on Fresh Chalk and their website talks specifically about helping patients with anxiety. They work with you on a plan of attack to help keep you calm during those nerve-racking times. I like that idea-- hand signals can really be helpful.

Lastly, Pacific Modern Dentistry works specifically with patients who have anxiety. I’m not sure what methods and tools they use that are different from the other places, but I think their office picture looks calming and a place that I could relax. That counts for something, right? Good luck.
Dentist - Laurelhurst
Dentist - South Lake Union
Dentist - Westlake
  • 5 months ago
A close friend of mine is an anxious dental patient and often avoids going for that reason. I set her up with my dentist, Dr. Russell, and they've been very understanding. Now she gets her teeth cleaned regularly and we all declared success.
Dentist - Laurelhurst
  • 5 months ago
Thank you. I am the classic white knuckle patient. Thankfully I respond well to nitrous but I'm still freaking out. Grateful for these referrrals. I have been going to PIMA dental school and they have been great with the dental anxiety however it does take longer than a standard appointment so I look forward to these other options!
  • 4 months ago
You may have already found a dentist, but I’d like to recommend Dr. Bryan Brenner of Brenner Dental Care. Full disclosure: He’s my husband. His office is made for patients with dental anxiety, and it is intentional. His grandmother grew up with a debilitating fear of the dentist, which is so very common. His office offers sedation dentistry to help calm nerves. You can also set up a complimentary virtual consultation to discuss any of your concerns.
Dentist - Queen Anne
  • 3 months ago

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