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Liz Pearce
26 days ago • Montlake

Glasses repair?

My kiddo broke her glasses last night and we need to get them fixed pronto. One of the arms broke off, we think it probably needs to be soldered. Purchased from Warby Parker and I don't think they do repairs. Recommendations appreciated.
10 replies
26 days ago
Have you tried Capitol Hill Vision on 15th? I have heard their service is excellent.
Eye Doctor - Capitol Hill
  • 26 days ago
I've been a customer of Optical Illusions downtown for years, they may be able to help. Alan is really customer-focused there, and is very good. They're not cheap but I just bought new glasses there and needed them adjusted, he was all over it. You'll need to call ahead for an appointment.
Eye Doctor
  • 26 days ago
Capitol Hill Vision on 15th ave e will get you sorted. They’ve handled multiple bends and breaks in our kids’ glasses for years :)
Eye Doctor - Capitol Hill
  • 26 days ago
If you're in the W Seattle area, check Clearview Eye and Laser and West Seattle Vision. Either may be able to get this tended quickly. Good luck!
Eye Doctor - Delridge
Eye Doctor - West Seattle
  • 26 days ago
War by P may give you a new pair
  • 26 days ago
I really like All American Eyeglass Repair. They're a little bit more of a drive (Kirkland) if you're in Seattle, but well worth it.
  • 26 days ago
Please report back - will anyone really solder frames back together? How much does that cost? In my house the kid would get some tape and we'd order new frames from Zenni. Of course, they take three weeks to arrive.
  • 26 days ago
Eyes on Fremont offers glasses repair service. They are great!

Here's info about their custom services:
Eye Doctor - Fremont
  • 26 days ago
I'm also a fan of All American Eyeglass Repair in Kirkland as well! They can weld stuff back together but it depends on the frame type. Call them and ask.
  • 26 days ago
Thanks all! Capitol Hill Vision is closed on Mondays. Tried Eyes on Fremont but they don't do this type of repair. Finally struck gold with All American in Kirkland - they'll be fixed by tomorrow for $60. 👍
  • 26 days ago

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