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Jill Friedman
13 days ago • Mercer Island

Moving company

We are in search of a moving company for a local move in the Seattle area. We will need to move some and store some so hoping to find a mover who can do it all. Any recs?
6 replies
11 days ago
Hi Jill!
Hansen Bros has moving and storage. They are long time locals and family owned. They have taken great care of my clients.

I’m a professional organizer specializing in relocation. Let me know if you need any help from old home prep to new home nesting. We handle scheduling and project management as well.

Consult is complimentary if you want to have a chat!
Mover - Bitter Lake
  • 12 days ago
Hi, Jill - I moved three times in five years and had the best luck with All Service Moving. They also have storage!
Mover - South Park
  • 12 days ago
Thank you!
  • 12 days ago
Hi Jill, I used Eco Movers. They were ok, definitely a middle price point, but definitely had to manage the move. I hope your move is positive!
Mover - Queen Anne
  • 12 days ago
Oh and they did the same for us, storage and house.
  • 12 days ago
Please forgive me for being late to the party, but we partnered with Two Men and a Truck on our last move -- please don't judge the fact that our last move required packing, lifting, carrying, trucking, lifting, carrying, and unpacking all of our cr*p (I mean, totally necessary items with which we live) from one place to another...exactly 2.25 blocks away!

Yeah, for real. My back hurts. I hate packing. I hate moving. I hate unpacking. But, I LOVE making a whole bunch of money on the transaction, so...

Anywho...that's who we used and they crushed it!

Ooooh, maybe a poor choice of words. I mean, they did a great job!
  • 11 days ago

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