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Steve Dossick
13 days ago • Capitol Hill
Help -- we're seeing an influx of racoons getting into a small crawlspace under a wraparound porch at our house. Would love a recommendation to an exterminator/contractor who can deal with the mess they've made and also help us secure the space to stop the critters from getting in.

Thanks FreshChalk friends!
6 replies
9 days ago
Wesley Parker Can you guys help?
  • 13 days ago
Attic Projects did a great job of rodent proofing my crawl space. I bet they could help keep the critters from getting back in.
  • 13 days ago
Thanks Ryan!
  • 13 days ago
I would try Jack Russell Animal Control; they did a great job of ridding our house of a squirrel family many years ago.
  • 9 days ago
Thanks Linda!
  • 12 days ago
I've used Dominion Pest Control Services and found them to be a good vendor. 206-528-3880 or
Exterminator - Industrial District
  • 12 days ago

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