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Shane Burnett
24 days ago • Seattle

Seeking a yard person who likes plants more than leaf blowers.

(just hit "post" on Nextdoor before realizing this is just the sort of thing Fresh chalk is made for, so posting here too).

Greetings! I have reached the conclusion that I lack the time/motivation/vision to keep my yard looking nice. We need some help. A regular visit from a landscaper would do it wonders. My neighbor has a "blow and go" landscaper who keeps the yard looking nice, but does so by spraying Roundup, ripping the leaves off a few weeds, and wrapping it all up with a good leaf blow, then rushing off to the next lawn. In my perfect world, I'd find someone who prefers hand tools and likes to spend some time just sitting in the yard to get a feel for it, would recommend changes as he/she got to know the yard better. I am looking for someone who realizes that their brain can be an important tool to use when landscaping, too. It's not a large yard, mostly trees and flowers with a postage stamp of a lawn, probably 500 square feet total. Suggestions? We are right by the Arboretum/Madison Park. Thank you!
5 replies
23 days ago
Sounds very much like you're describing Peter Lavagnino -- he is all about the plants.
24 days ago
+100 for Peter. He’s a genius and lovely to work with. He made my house look like this!
24 days ago
I’ll recommend Gardening GaGa! Exactly what you’re talking about & an educated affordable landscape service, which is rare
24 days ago
Thank you for your post. This is exactly what I am looking for as well. Looks like there are some good suggestions.
23 days ago
We have been looking for a new referral. Thank you!
23 days ago

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