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Amy Woidtke
17 days ago • Seattle

Vacation Van / RV Rentals

Speak to me- what do you know, who do you love? We are looking at renting a van or RV for a road trip!

We need just the basics:
Queen bed

And of course they have bad ass covid cleaning standards.

We thought about a trailer but my car isnt a recommended tow-a-trailer type. 😁

Excited to hear what yall have to say!
5 replies
13 days ago
We've explored using the Outdoorsy App/website. You can filter what you need and search the available vans. We didn't end up using it, you should assume that after all the fees it is double the listed nightly fee :( but there were tons of great options on there.
  • 16 days ago
Peace van rentals here in Seattle will rent you a fully kitted out vw van (they have several generations of them so you can go retro or more modern). You can choose different packages depending on how much of your own gear you have vs having them supply everything. Great folks.
Auto Mechanic - Industrial District
  • 16 days ago
Don't forget Cabana Vans! Company is local to Seattle.
Recreational Activities
  • 16 days ago
Oooooh, I love this -- thank you for asking! Wifey & I are planning a road trip down the PCH and were just talking about what we'd cruise in, so I'm eager to explore these suggestions. In addition to piggy backing off your question, I wanted to add this little tidbit in case you were thinking of rolling down to CA:

Have a super fun trip!
  • 15 days ago
+1 on peacevans
Auto Mechanic - Industrial District
  • 13 days ago

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