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Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

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7 months ago
Love my Apple Watch- it's reassuring to never miss a call/ text. As well as using it as a fitness tracker to make sure I am not being too lazy!
8 months ago
amazing device
9 months ago
Very useful.
10 months ago
i just love expensive things
12 months ago
I like that it tracks my fitness, it reminds me to breath and it’s overall really convenient!
Victoria Grinde I love this version of the watch! So much better!
  • 12 months ago
about 1 year ago
I love my Apple Watch it is great for workouts and alerts for falls!
about 1 year ago
Consider an Apple Watch. If you get it with cellular, it’s a little more functional than be light phone - spotify, directions, weather, etc. - but doesn’t have the issue that you cannot text from your own number because Apple allows your phone and watch to share the same number. It still lets you go out without your full phone and no apps, social media, other distractions like the light phone.
over 1 year ago
I love my apple watch! I have the series 6 with the braided band in black. I didn't know if I'd like the band, but it's great. I've also used the band that connects with velcro...the whole band was like velcro, in that it looks like short loops. I liked that as well. Pretty comfortable.
Victoria Grinde My husband gifted me the series 6 .... LOVE IT!
  • 12 months ago
Sara Latronica Hoping to be gifted a new one for Christmas- is this still the latest version?
  • 8 months ago
Charity Jedeikin There's a series 7 now. :)
  • 8 months ago
over 1 year ago
I am a big fan of my Apple Watch Series 6 . I use it for my outdoor runs/hikes. I use it for hands free calls. I use it for fitness tracking. It's been great!
over 1 year ago
It works very well I can choose my type of activity see steps and lots of details, and get my messages and answer my phone like Dick Tracy!
over 1 year ago
I love my new apple watch!!!! Love being able to go runs/walks and not have to worry about bringing my phone!!!
over 1 year ago
I personally love my Apple Watch. I wear it to work as an RBT so it goes through A LOT and it holds up! It’s great for working out, tracking steps, it can get wet with no issues. It’s amazing. I don’t have the cellular version but I find I don’t really need it. The range is pretty far from my phone and it still loads and acts as if it was my phone. I wish it was easier to send texts and that it had its own camera but that’s all I have for negativity. I have a sport band that’s waterproof and fits my child sized wrist lol. Water mode also works great if you have kids with touchy fingers!
Natasha Willis I want an Apple Watch so bad
  • over 1 year ago
Robyn McTague I love mine too it's an older one and still going strong
  • over 1 year ago
Kristie Presten Not sure what I'd do without my Apple Watch! Lol! Love keeping tabs on all my exercise goals!
  • about 1 year ago


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