10 Best Renton Cafes

  • 724 S 3rd St, Renton
    Gina Tran - I get a monthly shipment from them - the coffee smells so fresh and fragrant! Makes my daily coffee feel so artisan.
    Adam MacBeth - My daughter got me the Boon Boona coffee for Christmas, specifically the collab with Oola, and it’s insanely good. If they make it again you must try it.
    Andrew Bohrer - I happened to visit on their first anniversary. There was a small coffee class happening, a DJ spinning, the standard folk pretending to study and write novels, the neighborhood and their kids. It was a perfect coffee shop. The roasts are mostly on the light and fruity side— they exclusively roast African coffee. I think of the joy they bring others each time I sip their coffee. Grab a bag of Dur Feres from Ethiopa or Turihamwe from Burundi, both under $20. Or splurge on a subscription series for your single-origin-obsessed loved one.
    recommended by Cynthia Tee
  • 735 Hardie Ave SW, Renton
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  • 926 S 3rd St, Renton
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  • 900 S 3rd St A, Renton
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  • 4004 NE 4th St 101, Renton
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  • 1408 Bronson Way N, Renton
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  • 10622 SE Carr Rd, Renton
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  • 200 SW 43rd St, Renton
    Matthew Reilly - I visited this coffee shop with my wife and we were both in love. From the moment we opened the door we were met with the wonderful smell of freshly ground coffee. The wait was short and the coffee was made to order perfectly. In addition to that, it was amazing! It was one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had!
  • 4112 NE 4th St, Renton
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  • 12670 164th Ave SE, Renton
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