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I need a cake for my daughters birthday and would like something nicer than grocery store cake. She wants Minnie Mouse :) any great bakers you woul...
2 replies
Last reply about 16 hours ago
Liz Pearce I had this same question and got a lot of good ideas! I ended up getting a beautiful cake at Seatown Sweets.
Shannon Swift A bit further out, but AMAZING cakes at Celebrity Cakes in Tacoma!
Has anyone had success getting say a photo off an iPhone if not professionally printed, but at least printed at a quality level that I could frame ...
2 replies
Last reply 4 days ago
Meredith Fife Adam Doppelt recommended an online printing business yesterday in another conversation called Nations Photo Lab. Hope this helps.
Adam Doppelt Yeah, I can talk a bit more about that. There are a bunch of services like this now, but I enjoyed using Nations Photo Lab. They offer a ton of options for getting prints of various sizes. Last time I ordered aluminum prints that were ready to hang... The prints arrived in a week or two. Not expensive (IMO) and look great on my walls.
Looking for a printing company in Seattle with high-quality custom prints for posters up to 16'x4'. Hoping to have the prints completed by January ...
2 replies
Last reply 5 days ago
Adam Doppelt I've used Nations Photo Lab ( for this in the past and been quite happy. If I had a rush job, I might go to a FedEx store. The printing hardware there is fine, though you probably want to do your own color correction if that's important. Good luck!
Yaprak DeCarmine For super last minute prints, I've actually used Fedex in the past. I do really like VistaPrint when you have a bit more time (for shipping) though, they have templates you can download to make sure your stuff comes out looking perfect.
Hello everyone!! Looking for some recommendations for wedding dress shopping for a friend! Anywhere from Bellevue to Tacoma! Thanks!
2 replies
Last reply 6 days ago
Kristy Morrison I highly recommend Romashka Bridal. It's a little bit of a drive north to Everett, but so worth it. Their selection is MASSIVE and they do customizations and alterations in house. The location isn't elegant, and their building isn't fancy but their dresses are GORGEOUS and they offer a really impressive range of sizes to try on.
Jenny Vaughan Amazing! Thanks so much!! I’ll look them up!
Our backyard oasis has been cut out to a view of a honey bucket and substation. Recommendations for an arborist or landscaper or just the right tal...
5 replies
Last reply about 11 hours ago
Liz Pearce I asked this same question a few months back and got some good responses....
Leo Montagne Hi Kristen, sorry for the delayed response! I own Ecomimicry Designs and would be happy to give you an estimate if you are still in need of help.
amy pennington pleached hornbeam trees - no landscaper needed. They are elegant and fast growing - google an image

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