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Amy Pennington
about 2 hours ago • Queen Anne
HI! Does anyone know of anyone that is experienced with litigation regarding mold? Looking for consultation and potential representation wherein a ...
4 replies
about 2 hours ago
Amy Pennington HI Adam - yes, done, done and done already. Just curious if someone will know someone - I figure it can't hurt to ask.
Liz Pearce The Davis Law Group was handling some of the mold cases against Seattle Children's - I wonder if they'd be a good fit or if they'd refer you out if not...
Amy Pennington Yeah, tried them - THANK YOU
Ryan Bruss
about 6 hours ago • Redmond
During hard rains water pools up in front of our garage. There's a drainage pipe that goes to the back of the house, but water just pools up there....
1 reply
about 6 hours ago
Marston Gould Hey Ryan, I had much the same problem with our home when I first moved in. In fact, I probably have the exact same garage picture somewhere. What I would say about the garage drain is that these often get built without the appropriate slope to drive the water into a drain - and those drains almost always need to be cleaned even with a debris screen every year. For your gate area, someone needs to dig a trench, put in a pipe -at the right angle and either drain somewhere where it will naturally go to run off or into the sewer. I rented a ditch digger, dug a trench, bought PVC pipe that I drilled holes into (that was fun) and covered those with screens that I glued on and then covered with very lightweight landscape paper to reduce debris. I can say its a lot easier to do when its not raining. If you want to hire, look up drainage contractors.
Edward Yim
about 24 hours ago • Bellevue
I need to do an appraisal for some land in Thurston county for estate tax purposes. It is raw land with no buildings on it.
2 replies
about 9 hours ago
Meredith Fife Hi Edward- Check with Diffenderfer & Associates, I think they might be able to help you with that type of appraisal.
Meredith Fife One more from a reliable source, Kairos Appraisal Services. Hope this helps!
Ben Shorr
1 day ago • Ravenna
I'm looking for a landscape contractor (landscape architect or designer) that is RainWise certified with the city to install a rain garden in my ya...
7 replies
about 20 hours ago
Liz Pearce @Marston Could you help educate the newbies here? What does it mean to "tie in" more of your roof? How does the city pay for it?
Marston Gould Rainwise is a city sponsored program. They contract with lots of companies who will come out and measure the size of each roof section and estimate how much water will go from your roof to the downspouts that you tie into the cisterns. I have 3 - 650 gallon. If the size, pitch of your roof ties into rain gutters they will determine how many gallons of water you can save. If it meets some minimum threshold, city pays for pretty much everything. You have to sign docs that you won’t disengage. We had to tie more roof into ours to qualify. City didn’t pay for that bit. So subcontractor addd some gutters to tie out stand alone garage to the house.
Adam Doppelt Wait, is this a thing? Marston, take a pic and try our new photo feature! I want to see your rain garden. This might be just the project to brighten up the covid fall.
Carl Haynes
3 days ago • Ballard
With quarantine and now school streaming we are hitting the Comcast data limits (We've come close or gone over the last few months). The kids now s...
6 replies
2 days ago
Adam Doppelt Usually you can get Comcast to back off with the larded up fees by giving them a call and threatening to leave. How much is two hours worth to ya? :p
Thanh Dinh We have Ziply Fiber and pay $60/month for 1 gig. No contract required. We have it for about 1 month now and working great.
Carl Haynes They look good, unfortunately it looks they they dont serve my house 😖

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