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Linda Lowry
about 3 hours ago • Seattle
Bloodworks Northwest and Seafair partner in an effort to ensure a safe blood supply. With the annual Seafair festivities being rescheduled due to C...
1 reply
about 3 hours ago
Katie Bunch All donors who sign up by the 11th receive a $20 grocery gift card!
Dae Yu
1 day ago • Seattle
busted window in our condo. need a recommendations on who you worked with in the past. who you had a good experience working with. thank you!
1 reply
about 9 hours ago
Liz Pearce My good friends @BoDenis and @lauraliz had good luck with J&R Glass!
Michelle Flandreau
10 days ago • Queen Anne
Hi - We built a house 2.5 years ago and our air conditioner has never worked correctly. Let me know if you have a good/ trustworthy HVAC repair con...
5 replies
about 6 hours ago
Jeff Malek We've had great results from
Liz Pearce Blue Flame installed my AC and does maintenance - they do a good job
Darlin Gray Second Blue Flame, though we had a furnace issue not and AC one. Solved our issue with great service and attitude. Totally earned their money!
Jeff Brown
11 days ago • Lake City
To diagnose and fix some bugaboos in our house.
5 replies
10 days ago
Sara Eizen HIGHLY recommend @WireCraft - I refer them to all my clients and I've used them as well.
Danielle Lobo We’ve had great luck with Merv Electric
Ron Zanetti Peter is great to work with and reasonable: Safe Electric.
Maile Bohlmann
14 days ago • Ballard
Our dishwasher is broken and we've had an impossible time trying to get a repair person during this stay-at-home time. We've tried four people and ...
6 replies
11 days ago
Saprina Ma Hi Maile! Sorry to hear that! Have you tried getting quote from Yelp? Our furnace broke earlier and I used yelp to quote multiple repair services, those who are still operating would reply and give you some idea around pricing and timing, I found our plumber and furnace repair from there and it worked pretty well. Hope your dishwasher gets fixed very soon! Missing you!
Aren Kaser Despite some weird reviews online we were blown away and happy with the service from - this outfit is probably a franchise of the larger reviewed one. The Jimmy Z folks were super nice and helpful.
Susan Stocker AA All City Appliance Repair. Greg runs a great business, and is ethical. He can get busy, though. But I know he is working right now.

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