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Lake City • Seattle, WA

Gina Tran

Lake City • Seattle, WA
Lake City dweller. Killer of plants. Always on the hunt for good food.
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Lululemon Fast and Free Run Belt
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Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed
I love my Birks. Great for quick errands and for embarrassing friends when I wear socks with my birks. It takes a few wears to break in the leather but once you do, it's one of the most comfortable sandals to wear.
Really fun word-association game! Basically, you need to give a one-word clue and the number of words that the clue is for (for ex, 3 ANIMAL) and your partner has to guess which words you're trying to associate from the board. You can tell really quickly who's on the same wavelength and who isn't!
Dyebrick Old English Red
Brick Treatment
Dyebrick is a great solution for staining your brick a different color while keeping the physical properties intact. A lot of the issues with painting brick is that it ultimately makes the brick more brittle, which is an issue for durability of outdoor brick. It is an iron oxide pigment that allows the masonry to breathe. Inexpensive method of updating your outdoor brick!
Hasu-Seizo is a local business in Seattle that manufactures Japanese knives in Osaka (the region where my partner is from). They're quality knives - looking to add more to our collection soon!
Hydro Flask
Water Bottle
I love ice cold water. Hydro Flask is the only water bottle where I can fill it up with ice at night and then still have ice in the morning. If you're fanatical about having the coldest water, Hydro Flask is the way to go.
Osprey Aura 65 Women's Backpack
This is an amazing backpack for 3-4 day trips. I've taken it for a lot of backpacking trips and it has a great fit so that it sits on your hips. There's also a lot of straps so you can figure out the best configuration for your tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping mat for long hikes to your campsite. Invest in a great backpack!
PaddyWax National Parks Candle
This candle is super cool - has a lil wicker that sounds like an actual fire. It crackles and pops and can be super soothing to hear in a quiet room. Also supports the National Parks and I love the texture of the container. Great gift idea!
Patagonia Women's Down With It Parka
I love Patagonia. As a brand, they focus a lot on sustainability and fair trade practices so they're transparent about their supply chain processes. All of their clothing is high-quality. I love this parka in particular because it's water-repellant but also cozy and warm for those Seattle commutes on the bus.
Presto Heatdish
Space Heater
I love having this heater underneath my desk. It provides focused heat to my body rather than typical air heaters that have to warm up the entire room.
Rainbow Luxury Leather Sandals
My brother, as a Californian, was a hardcore fan of Rainbow sandals and converted me over as well! They're pricey (at $65 a pop) but excellent, high-quality sandals if you want the classic thong sandal. Takes a few wears to break in the leather but I can never go back to cheap sandals (I have 2 Rainbows in my sandal collection).
Sonicare Toothbrush
Sonicare is the best electric toothbrush on the market. My teeth feel so clean afterwards. It actually makes me sad when I have to use a manual toothbrush.
Sony Headphones Noise Cancelling WH-1000XM3
These are the best noice-cancelling headphones in the market. Pre-pandemic days, it was great to put these bad boys on and tune out the office chatter to get into flow and get some deep work done. I had gone to Best Buy to try out various headphones and this blew Bose out of the water. Highly, highly recommend. It is one of my prized possessions and I use the headphones whenever I meditate.
Stashers Reusable Food Storage
Food Storage
It feels so sturdy and I just love touching the silicone - such a great tactile feeling.
Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask
This is the holy grail of Korean beauty skincare products. It is the last step in your Kbeauty regime as an "overnight mask", which means it sits on top of your moisturizer. My skin always feels plump, moisturized, and rejuvenated in the morning. It is definitely on the pricier side but I feel like it's a great investment in my skin.
Takeya Originals Bottle Spout Lid
Water Bottle
For those Hydroflask fanatics, this is a great lid that has a spout you can screw on/off without having to take the entire lid off. Much better than dealing with the straw lids or the lids that you have to take the entire lid off.
Tom Bihn V3 Reusable Cloth Face Mask
Face Mask
This is a great mask! It's multi-layered so it can filter out more droplets, even though it's not a N95 mask. It also has loops so you can hang it off your neck. It feels more durable than other cloth masks I've seen and it covers a large portion of your face. Tom Bihn is known for quality and would highly recommend getting your masks here.

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Gina's Conversations

Gina Tran
23 days ago • Lake City
I'm a big fan of Boon Boona coffee and would love to find a local tea maker. POC, woman-owned, or both would be a plus!!
Gina Tran
about 1 month ago • Lake City
This is the year I get my security act together and get a password solution! Any recommendations from FC?
Ali White MacBeth
26 days ago • Ravenna
I need my hair done desperately. It’s going to take a few hours so I am looking for someone good that maybe has been vaccinated or has some Covid s...
Adam Doppelt
25 days ago • Magnolia
Here's what I've learned about delivery and takeout recently: - How did I survive so long without weekly Eltana Bagel deliveries? - I am now the k...
Adam Doppelt
about 1 month ago • Magnolia
We are upgrading our masks, trying to protect ourselves from the more contagious covid strains that are starting to circulate. What are other peopl...
Gina Tran
3 months ago • Lake City
I'm debating between Healthy Paws, Trupanion, or not getting pet insurance at all and just having a pet emergency fund. My pup is 9-months old, a r...
Gina Tran
over 1 year ago • Lake City
Hi! Anyone have dog rescue places that they've used to adopt their furry friend that are reputable? We looked into Ginger's Pet Rescue but we've fo...
Gina Tran
7 months ago • Lake City
Does anyone know good contractors that remove concrete? Needing to re-do a LOT of the previous owner's work.
Matt Shobe
10 months ago • Mercer Island
Our ten-year old house was apparently shingled with asphalt sections that are too small for a shallow-pitched section of our roof. The result is ra...
Carolyn Gracz
11 months ago • Madrona
Looking for a good CSA that hopefully isn’t sold out already. Thanks!
Arry Yu
about 1 year ago • Columbia City
Anyone try microblading (and is Asian)? Trying to find someone that is good AND has experience with Asian beauty. :) Thanks!
Arry Yu
about 1 year ago • Columbia City
Anyone familiar with Korean day spas, any favorites in the Seattle area? I'm thinking I need a good scrub refresh and a little R&R in various miner...
Gina Tran
over 1 year ago • Lake City
Anyone know of any fantastic architects that have dealt with some funky layouts? Our house was a former adult family home that went to foreclosure ...
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