10 Best Seattle Acupuncturists

  • 5607 Keystone Pl N, Seattle • Wallingford
    Ali White MacBeth - IVF is what brought me to FCA to see Casey, and I have stayed through the birth of my child. She is extremely knowledgable and professional. I try to go every week. She also takes insurance which is so helpful.
    Vaneeta - Casey is phenomenal. I suffered from years of fertility challenges and going to her treatments felt like amazing therapy sessions. She has a tremendous amount of empathy and compassion for her patients. I'd leave there feeling relaxed and hopeful. She also treated me throughout my pregnancy and I look forward to our visits for baby #2.
    Amy Keljo - Casey is dedicated to her clients, has a calming energy, and has helped me stay healthy and balanced.
    recommended by Amy Keljo
  • 1904 3rd Ave 635, Seattle • Belltown
    Adam Broetje - Herban Qi is a great place for alternative medicine. They are clean, friendly, and great to work with.
    Kara K McKeage - Phi is great at taking his time to explain what he is doing and why. The office is very relaxing and quiet. They validate $6 for parking so it is only $4 to park in the garage downstairs.
  • 509 Olive Way, Seattle • Downtown
    Linda Chow - Jim Blair is excellent with musculoskeletal acupuncture. I believe he is now with the Seattle Acupuncture Clinic at the Medical Dental Building downtown.
    recommended by Liesl Alice Gatcheco
  • 2224 NW 56th St, Seattle • Ballard
    Jen Hope - Avigail has been so helpful in navigating ongoing back and hip issues. It's clear that she cares about her patients deeply. She's also really intuitive which helps her ask great questions.
    Kevin Bohnert - Avigail Cohen in Ballard is excellent!
  • 2100 E Union St, Seattle • Central District
    Devon Burns - Vickie is such a wonderful acupuncturist and healer. I always feel better after having a treatment from her.
    Joe Goldberg - Gentle and kind, down to earth. Listens to patients and figures out how to heal them.
  • 509 Olive Way, Seattle • Downtown
    Mia Pelt - Acupuncture NW on Olive Way - smart and evidence-based practitioners. They are great to work with.
    recommended by anupa aggarwal, Laura F
  • 509 Olive Way, Suite 618, Seattle • Downtown
    recommended by ERICA JORGENSEN, Linda Chow
  • 10032 15th Ave SW, Seattle • West Seattle
    Holli Margell - What makes Nancy Ishii stand out from others is her ability to listen first and then treat. She's able to help people of all ages too. Her practice is tucked away in a serene setting below a Chiropractic office in White Center.
    recommended by Stella Loichot
  • 700 Warren Ave N, Seattle • Queen Anne
    Amy Pennington - Katia was a wizard life-saver with a magic touch. I don't know HOW she did it, but I would come in with a list of ailments and she would listen intently and with compassion and at the end of every session, I'd leave in relief. She alleviated EVERYTHING I threw at her!! A sufi accupunturist? She's amazing.
  • 509 Olive Way 1258, Seattle • Downtown
    Laura F - I highly recommend Andrea Iwi'ula from Hoku Acupuncture. She brings expertise, empathy, and kindness to her work. I specifically worked with Andrea for fertility support and pain management.